Fat Bastard

Rush Limbaugh is, let’s put it bluntly, an idiot, a moron, and a hipocrite. He’s a cheerleader for the right — his job is not to persuade anyone that the Right has the right answers, it is simply to keep the dittoheads of the right wing pumped up and ready to go.

I’m extraordinarily surprised that after his drug scandal he still has a radio show. And I do wish him the best with his recovery from that addiction. Lord knows our prison system is already way overcrowded with folks who shouldn’t be there, and I’m sure Rush’s size would require a dedicated cell.

So when I read on Oliver Willis this “FCC ACTION ALERT” — and an accompanying campaign through Atrios — my first reaction was “Fuck yes, let’s stick it to that fucker the way the right keeps stickin’ it to everybody else!”

But then I paused. I remember Jeff Jarvis writing that only three folks had initiated an FCC crackdown over a horrible TV show, “Married by America.”

And I’m still up in the air. Part of me says that we should adapt the same tactics as the right and go after Limbaugh with a vengeance. The other part of me says that we should keep the moral high ground on the free speech issue, by aggressively targeting the FCC. And I think I’m leaning with the latter. Why? Because it is only a matter of time before the FCC comes after the internet, and with that, the blogosphere.

We don’t have time to be going after opposing punditsif we do, the FCC will catch us blindsided and by the time we recover (if we ever do), it will be all over.

Let us indeed say, in one voice, “FUCK YOU GUYS, we’re better than you, always HAVE BEEN, always WILL BE.”

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  1. Ahh, but it’s not about getting The Felonious Pill-Popper in trouble. It’s about putting the FCC on the spot. They either apply the standards fairly, or they apply them not at all. If they choose to apply them when the theocrats complain about Desperate Housewives, but not apply them agains Limbaugh, then they proove they are a partisan taxpayer financed regulatory arm. The desired effect though, is to get them to drop silly rules.

  2. I think the point is not so much about putting the FCC on the spot (or, as Ol’Froth says, getting Rush in trouble–what would they do, fine him $50k?) but putting the theocrats on the spot.

    When it comes to Janet Jackson’s breast, in a nation where 88% of households pay for cable television and pornography is always the #1 activity on the Internet, I am outraged by the outrage.

    I’m a liberal. Do you know how very little it troubles me that Rush Limbaugh said “dick”? But conservatives literally lose their minds when things like this happen, so I’m waiting for the Congressional hearings, the “chilling effect” on punditry, talk of Rush going to satellite radio, etc.

    I’m a liberal. I hate Howard Stern, too. He’s a misogynistic ass. I believe in his freedom of speech, and Rush Limbaugh’s, as concretely as I believe in my own.

    But where are all those unhappy Christians who are constantly victimized by their own culture, calling for fingers to be chopped off of Rush’s hand as punishment for cursing?

    I’m waiting.

  3. Screw that. We’ve kept the moral high ground since… Well, I’ll be generous to the Republicans and say ‘at least’ since the impeachment debacle. And it hasn’t gotten us anything. I’m tired of turning the other cheek. I’m tired of going through efforts to control my anger and disgust. If I can spend a minute of my day doing something that tweaks them, so be it.