FOX does some good

Via BuzzMachine, The Empire – Fox? – Strikes Back!

Fox added an important observation — as Mediaweek did yesterday — about the tactics of the Bozell complaint factory: “Only one complainant professed even to have watched the program.” Exactly. The FCC does nothing to confirm that these alleged complaints come from citizens or that they watched the show. Bozell apparently pays lackeys to ferret out “filth” and then uses his cult members and his FCC bitches to do is bidding. And media follow right along without asking the right questions.

Also, I never reported the audience size for this allegedly indecent show before. Fox says that 5.1 million households watched (which means more viewers than that). So it’s 5.1 million vs. 3.

And, no, I still haven’t forgiven FOX for cancelling Firefly – and I never will.