Getting My Feet Wet

My current computer is a Dell Dimension 4600. I’ve had it since April, and I love it.

My old computer was a piece of crap HP Pavilion that I had for, probably, half a century. Well, four years. Towards the end, it just got so sluggish I almost decided to go without a computer at all.

About two years ago I asked a friend to help me improve its speed. She asked if I had ever defragged it. To understand my technical ineptitude, I truly thought she’d just suggested I throw some grenades at the computer. “You’re really NOT a computer person, are you?” she asked, realization dawning on her.

I really am NOT a computer person.

I hired a friend of mine, Tim, to build this site for me. He does a great job – the layout, the color scheme, it’s all him. But I’ve recently started playing around a little bit, experimenting, trying to get my feet wet in the great world that is the Blogosphere, and in the smaller reality which is Moveable Type.

If you’ll look at the title of the webpage, you’ll see that where it used to say, “A Snay’s Gotta Say What a Snay’s Gotta Say”, it now reads: “Naturally Argumentative.” I’ve very proud of this change, because I did it all on my own.

On your right, you’ll notice two new links on the blogroll – Michelle Agnew & Rockstar Mommy. I’m very proud of these new additions, because I did them all on my very own.

Admittedly, neither of these were very difficult changes to make, but I kept clicking “Rebuild Site” with the fear that I would delete EVERYTHING.

Very happy to find that NOT being the case.