0 thoughts on “Good-Bye, Lenny

  1. Man, that’s really sad.

    He was one of my favorite characters. I watched two of those episodes last night, switching over to watch the SVU episode on another channel because I’d already seen the other episode enough times to have it memorized.

    Dang…I was bummed out already and now I’m even more bummed. :(

  2. I was so upset when I found out about it. We’re always watching Law & Order on TNT when it’s on, since there’s never anything good on TV nowadays…

  3. Yeah, I was watching last night, too – a rare night off, for me.

    In the first episode, an ADA was shot and killed and while everyone was trying to find out who did it, it turned out the ADA had stolen someone’s identity to get the job.

    In one, a building was burned down by enviormental activists/terrorists and a school teacher had been caught inside.

    In another, a broker was shot to death and the brokerage firm was in the grasp of the mob.