Grandma Death?

Digger is a little upset that Norm Minetta is staying around – his exact quote is “Ugh,” and he points in the direction of Michelle Malkin who reposts this:

Kroft: Are you saying, at security screening desks, that a 70-year-old white woman from Vero Beach, Florida, would receive the same level of scrutiny as a-a-a Muslim young man from Jersey City?

Mineta: Basically, I would hope so.

There sometimes to be a certain attitude on the right at times that the only terrorists are young Muslim males – or to be more specific, “Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.”

Like the Muslim male extremists who blew up that building in Oklahoma City? Or the Muslim male extremists who torched a Hummer dealership in California, and possibly a residential development in Maryland? Or the luddite Muslim extremists who mailed out all those bombs? Maybe the Muslim German terrorists … ?

Yes, I know, a few links to terrorist activities (committed by non-Muslims) do not mean either of the following:

A. Norm Minetta hasn’t done other things to warrant being fired. Terminated. Axed.

B. Many Conservatives recongize that terrorists come in all shapes & sizes.

Malkin quotes Rich Lowry as saying “Islamic terrorists will necessarily be Muslims, and probably from the Arab world.”

Well, he’s most likely right on the first point. I don’t think you’re going to find too many Christians who are Islamic terrorists.

I don’t quite know that I agree with him about the second part. Muslims, like most religions, come in all shapes, and sizes, and skin colors, and ethnic backgrounds. White Muslims, black Muslims, oriental Muslims.

I’m a liberal. I like guns. I hate racial profiling. Contradiction? Maybe. But if you’ve got a dude from the Philipeanes walking through security, and he’s the Islamic terrorist, and security is busy detaining the Arab (who could possibly be a Christian) because one of them “looks” like a terrorist … ooops.

Back to the point – if I have one (do I ever?). This country has suffered terrorist attacks at the hands of domestic terrorists before. To set ourselves on the belief that we will only suffer again at the hands of foreign terrorists seems quite potentially suicidal. Even if we do assume the latter to be the most likely case, I think we all need to accept that Al Queda’s reach extends beyond Arab borders. What was the name of that white kid from Orange County who joined up with them? Would anyone have stopped him if he’d tried to walk on to an airplane on September 11th?

Because, let’s face it — you never know when some aging hippie who looks like a grandmother is going to decide to send a message to the world by sneaking some TNT past airport security and taking a few hundred folk with her to protest urban sprawl.*

*Which really does suck ass, especially the related traffic.