Heaven Forbid you should be offended

Jeff the Baptist is a little pissed at being labeled a “homophobe.” He writes, “I find being called a homophobe very offensive myself. Is anybody else sick of the left sticking this label on anyone that disagrees with them over gay rights?”

I understand how he feels. Probably the same way we on the left feel when we’re labeled as “unAmerican” by the right. But that’s okay – we on the left are fighting for civil rights, and that’s about as American as you can get.

Also – aren’t folks on the right always whining about how all those bleeding hearts should stop being offended? And then what happens when you don’t look? The right gets offended! Someone thinks their shit doesn’t stink — but of course, it does.

What is a phobia? It is an irrational fear of something. So in this case anyone who disagrees with the gay rights agenda must have an irrational fear of homosexuals. They’ve managed to wrap multiple fallacies in one statement.

Look at how he phrases that – it sounds so sinister, “the gay rights agenda.” Actually, there isn’t anything sinister about “the gay rights agenda”, just as there wasn’t anything sinister about the civil rights movement in the 1960’s or the movements to equalize womens’ rights.

I take that back — there was something sinister in all of those, but it wasn’t a threat to the American people, rather to the “status quo.” A lot of folks who had previously been above other folk in the order of things suddenly realized they weren’t going to have the protection of their skin color, or their gender to give them a good head on the best pickings of life.

Why does Jeff the Baptist feel so threatened by the “gay rights agenda”? As an American, why should any of us feel threatened by the concept of equal legal protection under the Constitution of the United States of America? Why is it so hard for the right-wing to understand the concept of equality?

First, by labelling everyone this way you are excluding the middle. Sorry folks, but I can disagree with the moral legitimacy of homosexuality without being afraid of you in the slightest. I know and like a lot of gay folks. I’m straight, but I’m opposed to gay bashing as much as you are. I even support Pink Pistols, which helps gay folks learn to practically defend themselves from violence via firearms training.

First, the middle is overrated.

Second, the question becomes, if he is so “gay friendly”, why does he feel the need to point to the “gay rights agenda” as something sinister? And why — exactly — does he feel the need to point out that he’s straight? Oh, I know — because even though he feels the need to point to some aspect of his life that doesn’t make him a ‘homophobe’, he still needs to clarify that he is normal, because clearly, even though he “knows and likes” a lot of gay people, they are not.

If you were to ask me why folks on the right where “homophobic”, I would answer you this way: They aren’t neccessarily scared of the individual homosexual, or even a group or organization of homosexuals. What they’re scared of is that homosexuals might be allowed to live with the same legal and social protections that heterosexuals have. As long as they don’t have those protections, homosexuals are a lesser class of person, but with those protections! Why, with those protections there is truly no group of people for whom to blame your ill-lot in life upon. In fact, with those protections America will finally achieve its promise “that all men are created equal.”

And that will truly be an awesome day.

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  1. What trips me out about this, which is not entirely on point here, is how people always claim to know loads of gay people. Am I just a social recluse? I honestly don’t know the sexual preference of most people I know. If I have some reason to, I assume they are bisexual. It is easier that way. ^_^


  2. I think it’s just a way for homophobes to claim that they’re actually good people who have friends who are gay, and that the sexual orientation thing is no big deal for them.

    Unless of course someone brings up the subject of marriage, at which point the homophobe usually mentions that their gay friends are totally against any legal civil protections of any kind.

    Uh-huh. Sure.

  3. To answer the question about claiming to know loads of gay people:

    Actually, it’s a requirement, when you’re going to talk about why your refusal to accept someone as your social or legal equal doesn’t make you a bigot.

    I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve heard, “Some of my best friends are Jews!” just before someone told me what “the real problem” with Jews was.

    From what I know, it pretty much “works” for any group. And the reason “works” is in scare quotes is because all it ever really could do is what it does: Makes it so the bigot making the comments can live with itself.

  4. Second, the question becomes, if he is so “gay friendly”, why does he feel the need to point to the “gay rights agenda” as something sinister?

    I didn’t call it sinister. That is something you attributed to me several paragraphs above this statement. My meeting at work today had an agenda too. Agenda means “list of things to do.” That doesn’t make the Gay Rights Lobby or my coworkers sinister gatherings of the illuminati.