Here & Now, Take Notice


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So, first we’re going to ban all gay characters from fiction, then we’re going to ban gay thought? Since when did we become the thought police?

I know a lot of conservatives think gays are “sick” and that they’re going to burn in hell. Well, y’know, it isn’t your job to save them, guys, and don’t try to understand why other non-gay folks support their rights to live as married couples. You won’t understand it, the same as fifty years ago, some white folk didn’t understand why other white folk didn’t like the whole “seperate but equal” concept.

But, y’know, a lot of conservatives don’t agree with this anti-gay crusade. A lot of elected Republicans don’t, either, or your ammendment probably would have had a lot more support going through Congress. You don’t even have the backing of your entire party – well, good. It’s good that there are some conservatives, and some Republicans, willing to stand up to what I’m sure is the small but vocal minority within the right that wants to surpress the rights of an entire group of people. And why? Because the religious right doesn’t view their lifestyle as “appropriate.”

Well, the religious right is going to learn to keep their noses to themselves.

Freedom is on the march. Oh, it’s been stopped for the moment (and slightly more effectively than with a water hose), but once it starts, you can never stop it – slow it, yes. But you homophobes, you thought police, you anti-freedom fuckers had better wake up and take notice.

You’ve already lost.

(Thanks to Chepooka for the note, via Pinko Feminist Hellcat & Patridiot Watch.)

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  1. You know, this really pisses me off. I can’t believe that the teacher would send such a thing home to you. I don’t consider myself to be a liberal because I don’t like being associated with either party….but my GOD, what is the world coming to? It might as well say “He said you associate with NEGROS!!!! and explained what a NEGRO is !!!!” I mean, come on. I feel like we’ve backtracked like 50 years or more. It’s so sad.

    But, on the brighter side, I couldn’t help but read “cep my mouf shut” like your kid was a little gangster. I’m loving it! :)

  2. I feel I should clarify that the note wasn’t sent home to me, but yes, I agree – who in this day and age would send this note to ANYONE?