I Fixed Something!

I have never been a ‘car guy’.

My level of technical expertise ends at driving the thing – and considering I blew out my clutch two months ago – you can make a rather persuasive case that even there I’m in need of continued education as to how to operate the pedals.

So yesterday when I turned on my car — and noticed the driver’s side headlight’s reflection fade immediately in the plastic panelling of a Ford tank — I thought, “Oh fuck me I’m going to have to pay $20 to get some guy to replace this fucker.”

Then I thought, “How hard can it be?” so this morning I drove down to DeSalvo’s, at the corner of York & Aylesbury, and bought a new lightbulb. NINE FRIGGIN’ BUCKS? Holy crap!

After work this morning, I resolved to replace the bulb. It took me about twenty minutes to get the rubber plug out, and undo the restraining clip, and plug the new bulb into the connector piece, and then put it all back together. And as I clanked the hood back down and fingered the stalk, I thought, “If I did this wrong, my headlight assembly is going to fucking explode.”

And I turned it on.

And it did NOT explode! Which, I think, really surprised me, because, y’know, not a car person.

The light worked! I did it right! I mean, yes, my hands were covered in grease, and two of my knuckles were bleeding, and I was freezing, but I FIXED SOMETHING! And, properly, too!

I was very happy and pleased with myself, as of course I should be. And so should you.