It's an Online Vote!

Who gives a fuck?

I’m speaking of course of the Weblog Awards.

Well, apparently something is smelly in Denmark. Many right-wing bloggers are reporting that some lefties are trying to swing the results, “Unashamed liberals continue their cheating ways” says YoungPundit.

In this thread at DailyKos, you can see the code used. But for all of the Republican and Conservative pundits using these handful as an excuse to bash all Dems and liberals and leftists, how many mention the posts decrying the activity? Like this one:

I read and understand your code. I read your post, but in order to understand it completely, I have to ask, in fact I would be remiss if I did not ask:


We’re here talking about how to make sure that every legal vote is counted in the elections that really matter, and you go and disgrace us with this!

If we are going to have any credibility in looking at elections, we must avoid even the appearance of impropriety. In one shot you managed to destroy DailyKos’ credibility.


Sorceress Sarah

It is no accident that Liberty and Liberal are the same word.

Or this:

they’ve taken the dailykos out of the running. in response to your stupid ass.

why the hell would you cheat when we were winning anyway? it’s fucking pathetic. same to everyone who used this.

and every one of you who said this was okay because the poll was run by republicans and republican sites were winning is just as fucking pathetic and unscrupulous. you people are no less thugs than the right wing freaks at LGF if this is the sort of ethos you follow.

in short, piss off.

Or this:

You, sir, are a moron!

I have no doubt that this poll is easy to hack, I have no doubt that it ultimately means nothing in the grand scheme of things, I have no doubt that your little 16 year-old “hacker” morality tells you that finding security holes is a good thing.

I also have no doubt that posting “HAY D00DZ HERE IS HOW TO HACK THIS POLL HURR HURR HURR!!” in public, on one of the most prominent pro-Democrat sites in the blogosphere, is tantamount to being one of the most stupid and ridiculous things I have seen anyone do in a long, long time. Put simply, this is now making its way all around the right-wing blogosphere, one more thing for them to beat “the left” with.

“No wonder Kos is such a sewer of conspiracy theories about vote fraud. It’s just elementary projection; some of those people are just that dishonest, and so of course they assume everyone else is, too.”

“It’s done in a spirit of fun, and relies on a modicum of good faith among the participants. But liberals don’t seem to be able to do anything honestly, to follow the most minimal standards of sportsmanship, or to do anything in a spirit of good will and good humor. Since Kevin hasn’t designed the competition using national security-level safeguards against cheating, the liberals think it’s OK to ruin the contest for everyone else by writing code that racks up thousands of fictitious votes for “their” blogs. Not only do they see nothing wrong with this, they brag about it openly.”

So congratulations. If you wanted to display yourself as a counterproductive, socially illiterate cheat, and in doing so (and this applies to all the commenters with their faux-intellectual justifications for cheating as well) tar “the left” with your actions, you have succeeded. If, however, you wanted to do anything to improve the standing of this blog site and the left in general, you have failed, dismally and miserably, in every respect.

Maybe people on the right were doing it too. Who knows, they didn’t fucking post that they were cheating on their fucking blogs, did they? This isn’t crazy hacker land, mate. Nobody’s fucking impressed by what you did. You’re an idiot and you’ve hurt yourself and others because of single-minded thoughtlessness.

Kevin, creator of the Weblog Awards, wrote this:

As a personal aside, I am deeply disappointed in a few bloggers from the left and right who encouraged their readers to cheat, game the system, and inflict a flood of crap (much like blog comment spam) on another blogger. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Despite what the wingnut bloggers will tell you, some on their side were cheating too. Kevin caught them, as well as other lefty cheaters. So why aren’t these righty bloggers all up in arms over the right-leaning cheaters?

Because, of course, the intellectual dishonesty of the far-reactionary right — and those who follow their sway because of a ticket crawl on FOX or CNN is incapable of anything but — demands nothing less than a smear campaign on everyone on the left. EVERYONE, even — especially — those who haven’t cheated.

I’m a leftist blogger. In this instance, members of the left behaved in a manner that was BLOODY FUCKING STUPID. My honesty demands that I hold them accountable. Right-leaning bloggers who hold cheaters within their own ideology as guilty as left-wing bloggers deserve kudos.

And left-wing or right-wing bloggers who apologize or defend the actions of the cheaters within their ideological sphere should be ashamed of themselves.