It's like a movie! With Julia Roberts & Vin Diesel!

Zenchick, regarding the tsunami disaster, observes, “it’s like a movie. What is so sad about that is that after watching movies that depict things like this, in some ways we have become numb to the real suffering that occurs.”

According to the news report this morning on 98-Rock, the death toll is now up to 60,000. And this USA Today story writes that in some embattled nations, even sides embroiled in civil war are putting aside their arms to help the victims. Touching, no?

After a lot of criticism, the US more than doubled the amount of relief aid it is sending, from $15 million to $35 million. Some might accuse Rox Populi of sarcasm when she writes, “So, that’s like having Vin Diesel and Julia Roberts in the same flick.”

I read somewhere that the French had only pledged $100,000 to help, but the closest I can find to confirm it is Jeff Jarvis.

Tas has offered a blogger challenge to help raise money for the Tsunami victims, and Chepooka has a reward for those who do. No, it isn’t nude photos. I know, right?

Lee might seem to be ranting and raving like a lunatic, “it was a secret nuclear detonation by the Israeli government, the intent of which was to wipe out as many Muslims as possible. And, showing their contempt for those of the Muslim faith, the Mossad warned the animals in advance of the attack,” but in reality he’s just mocking Rome. Captain’s Quarters notes that the Vatican’s anti-Israeli bias has slipped out. But, wait, doesn’t the Vatican have a bias to everyone not a Catholic? I wonder how much the Vatican donated to relief?