Jack's Cat

is dead (warning: don’t read unless you have the time to spare to cry) —

Living with pets means outliving them. It’s the natural course of events. They brighten our lives, enrich our experience, and make a home feel…well, like home. They create memories and leave us with smiles as we look for our lint rollers and/or paper towels to clean up the hairballs. The price to be paid for this is having to say goodbye far sooner than we would choose if left to our own devices. Having to make the decision to have a pet put down is a terrible, gut-wrenching decision that can feel somewhat akin to playing God. It’s a final, irreversible decision that never feels good. Today is the fourth time I’ve had to make this decision with one of my cats, and it NEVER gets any easier. It is always an emotionally wrenching and draining experience. I still feel empty and very, very sad. I know that we did the right thing, but it’s hard to feel that way. A heavy heart becomes lighter with the passage of time; that’s how these things work. Life goes on, as it must…after all, what’s the other option?

I’m going to go wash my face, now.

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