Merry Christmas (II)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

This is what I did for most of the day:


Here are my pussies, too. First, we have Guy. I think the flash feature was a bit much for him.


And here we have Tippy, bravely defending the carpet from … something.


And also some pictures of my apartment.


That’s the view from the door into the apartment. See the vacuum cleaner? I cleaned!


Looking into the living room — the Spock poster on the wall is actually a Heineken promotion. Spock’s ears hang limp, he drinks a beer, they go up! Cool!


The kitchen. The cupboards are filled with Chef Boyardee.

Oh – can anyone guess what I got for Christmas?



Here’s the back wall of my apartment. See the vacuum cleaner and assorted cleaners? It’s because I cleaned. Also, Scary Eye Cat Tippy trying to sleep on a shelf. Isn’t she cute?

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (II)

  1. Oh my goodness; my first time seeing what Snay looks like. And he looks nothing like I had pictured him.

    What’d you get for Christmas? I saying either car accessory, high-powered deer rifle, or alcohol.

  2. I always pictured you as being very tall and very muscular (like shirtless Tobey Macguire in Spiderman muscular or Arnold Schwarzeneggar before the ‘roids muscular). You always wore shorts, sandals, and tank tops with either a liberal, anti-deer, or anti-Tennessee slogan. Oh, and you were black.

    Don’t ask me why, this is how all my talking to you came across to my mind’s eye.

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