Monkey Bad, Lego Good

Yahoo! News reports:

A portrait of President George W. Bush using monkeys to form his image has led to the closure of a New York art exhibition over the weekend and anguished protests over freedom of expression.

Chepooka comments, “Say what you will about liberals, but if somebody created a portrait of Clinton made out of tiny images of cigars or something, I’d probably laugh.”

Loaded Mouth adds that the story “could have been ripped from a German newspaper circa 1937.”

Over at a right-wing site, however, Lee at Right-Thinking From the Left Coast DOES have a sense of humor … at a portrait of our president made from ABS plastic, or Lego, as they’re better known. In fact, the title for the post … oh, it’s too easy.

So, if you’re going to make a portrait of George W. Bush, you should remember ONE thing: Monkeys Bad, Legos Good.

0 thoughts on “Monkey Bad, Lego Good

  1. Those folks over at the mis-named “Right-Thinking” blog are frickin’ scary, man.

    I was going to post a comment there, until I realized it would probably overload the one neuron they’re sharing.

    When I read comments like the ones posted there, I start to lose all hope for our nation. :(