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Head on over to Unspunâ„¢ and read this:

A number of reasons for the “loss” have been given since the election, most of which are based on myth.

I suppose it’s entirely appropriate that this should be, since in addition to the mythology of the Bible, this election also involved a number of other myths and lies. My favorite is that the people backing Bush, who see no problem with torturing prisoners, holding “enemy combatants” indefinitely (three years so far) without charges or trials, denying rights to people who disagree with them (not limited to gays, who they sometimes actually kill), throwing people in jail forever for stealing videotapes while electing convicted criminals to the Presidency of the United States, cutting social welfare programs — all the things Jesus would not do no matter how much you stretch and twist the Christian bible — are Christians.

Or that these same people somehow hold the mystical key known as “moral values.”