No More Clintons

Faced with the prospect of Kofi Anon stepping down, Captain’s Quarters, a right-wing blog, has a surprise ideal candidate in mind to replace him: Bill Clinton.

One of the reasons Captain’s Quarters considers this a great move is that “..[how] could Hillary run for President while Bill served as UN Secretary-General? Constitutionally, yes, but politically, her run for the White House would be a dead letter. No one, including the Democrats, would want to see that much power concentrated in the hands of one family.”

Regardless of Bill Clinton becoming Secretary General, many of us don’t want to see Hillary running for the White House because she isn’t the best candidate. I certainly can’t speak for every leftist and liberal blogger or voter out there, but I agree with Josh Marshall’s assessment that “I don’t like the idea of the presidency becoming the private preserve of a few chosen families.”

Also, she’s just too polarizing, and her husband was more than willing to bend backwards, to do whatever was necessary to win a vote. Thanfully, John Kerry had enough backbone to not do what Clinton urged him to do: attack gay rights.

Hillary Clinton may be in the next Democratic presidential primary; here’s hoping she’ll never be on the ticket.

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