So here’s the way it is.

You get shipped off to war. You realize your trucks aren’t exactly as well armored as you might like, so you and your fellow soldiers go through some abandoned trucks, scrounge metal and parts — whatever you need so you don’t break down in the middle of an ambush, dont’cha know — and add your own makeshift armor. You know — so the odds of you getting pocked full of holes aren’t quite so good. Reasonable, right?

But of course, as any good government agency, you are then charged with a crime. I mean, so what if the trucks were abandoned? They should have been returned!

True story. A couple of abandoned vehicles are worth more than the lives of the folks heading into harm’s way. And, of course, the right-wing slogan is that the left doesn’t support the troops. It seems to me its the Pentagon that doesn’t support the troops, but what do I know? I just call them as I see them.

Hat Tip: Borgified Rudolph.