Queer means odd which means gay which means queer

Remember when I posted about the symbolic penis?

I mentioned that I had posted in the comments of Lee’s site. Most of the people there, of course, leaped straight into the insult stage, showing how open minded and welcome to dialogue Lee’s readers are. Some actually had clever insults … well, no, they didn’t. They also weren’t very good at delivering them. Take a look at this from Drumwaster:

You are a jackass. That is not intended to imply that you have four hoofs, are covered in a gray fur, and have a tail that people are always trying to pin back on (for whatever reason). It is intended to imply that you have a corrosive personality and/or a braying voice that conveys lots of noise but very little intellectual content.

First of all, let me agree that I am, in personality, a total ass. However, when you try to deliver an insult on the sly, you usually don’t then turn around and explain that it’s an insult. He needs to work on his delivery, but that’s okay – I don’t judge, and I wish him well in the future.

I actually want to point attention to one aspect of the conversation. You can find the comments thread here.

I’m excerpting portions of the “discussion”, or as I call it “insult fest.” I encourage you to visit the site and read on if you feel you’re not getting a complete picture from moi.

A fellow named Darkstar127 wrote, “Its fucking shameful that libs can’t see the “other” uses of words. Instead they must get irrationally sensitive to their use as they believe it applies. Lee’s use in this phrasing means odd. Islamofascists makeup less than 1% of all muslims in the world. See the relation? Gays are thought of as “queer” because most are odd or different in how they do things.”

Another fellow named <a href="bfunke@yahoo.com “>Mishu then writes, “Islamofacsists are men who hate women so much, they can’t stand the site of them. So, most likely, they are queer.”

This of course leaves out a standing history of violence against women in fundamentalist religious cultures where women are seen as subservient to males. This does, believe it or not, occur in certain Jewish and Christian communities as well, and, I’m certain, in fundementalist sects of most religions across the globe.

Darkstar127 then agrees with Mishu, “Anyways, I second what someone said about how most islamofascists are gay because they seem to hate women so much.”

So, in short – Darkstar gets mad because I posted that Lee used the word ‘queer’ to mean homosexual. Darkstar says, no, Lee used the word queer to mean odd. Then Mishu says that Islamofascists are most likely gay, and Darkstar agrees with him.

So, if Darkstar thinks that Islamofascists are gay, why is he getting all upset about some liberal saying, “Hey, who is going to protect us from the straight terrorists?”

Maybe there ARE no heterosexual terrorists? No one tell Osama’s wives and children, ‘k?

PS – this in my entertainment catagory because it’s entertaining. Right wingers are so funny :)