Shopping Help

Yeah, it’s that time of season – the so called “Christmas spirit” comes to town and people all go out shopping, being rude to clerks everywhere, honking the second the light turns green, and just generally acting like asshates.

And its cold. Brrr.

I need to find a present for my Dad. I usually get him some books — generally fiction, although I did think he might enjoy Conrad Black’s FDR bio. I got him hooked on Alan Furst’s WWII spy novels, so I can’t get him Dark Voyage because I’m fairly certain he’s already read it. And I’m planning on getting my Mom Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: A Novel, and I’m sure he’ll find time to read that anyway, so there’s really no point buying two copies of it, y’know?

So … uh, any good book/fiction recomendations?