Study History before you rewrite it, please.

Like, seriously – does anyone study history anymore, or do they just watch “Saving Private Ryan” and think they have a grasp of it, and, well, gee golly – that’s just damn good enough for them!

Take a read of this piece of work which compares the fiasco in Iraq with the European theater of World War II. The author tries to say that the situations are the same – check out this quote: “It was Japan that attacked us, not Germany,” pointed out a Senate staffer. No mention by the author that Germany declared war on the United States mere days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. I’m confused – did Iraq declare war on us after September 11th?

The entire article reeks of the bullshit with which it was written. Without understanding history, and with apparent false beliefs on this war in Iraq – that Iraq and Al Queda were allied as closely as Japan and Germany; that Iraq declared war on us; that we had a clear plan for victory in Europe and none in Iraq; where we had lots of ALLIES in Europe with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TROOPS about us, in Iraq we have, what, a hundred Poles who are going to be gone as soon as they have the opportunity?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a lot of things. He manipulated people and events to ensure that he was elected to four terms, and took a perverse pleasure in playing those under him against each other. But he also had strong moral courage and a willingness to do what he saw as being right for the country, even with most Americans disagreed with his assessment. FDR took the country to war against evil, and in that regard, George W. Bush did the same in regards to the invasion in Afghanistan – in that case it was Al Queda who were the agents of evil, as the Nazis had been in World War II Germany.

But no such comparisson exists to justify the War in Iraq, no matter how creative the right wing gets.