sure, shoot the innocents

Back to the shooting last night
USA Today has some details on the shooting I hadn’t heard … but like I said, I was at work all day, and no internet access.

Police identified the gunman as Nathan Gale, 25, of Marysville, 25 miles northwest of Columbus. Police said they had no information on a motive or any connection to Abbott or his band, the Texas-based group Damageplan.

Damageplan had just begun its first song at Alrosa Villa club Wednesday night when the gunman climbed onstage, started yelling and shot Abbott five or six times at point-blank range, witness Chris Couch said.

Mull said the gunman’s exact statement was unclear because of the loud music. He said some witnesses reported hearing an accusation about Abbott breaking up his former band, thrash-rock pioneer Pantera, but police could not confirm whether the speaker was the gunman or a fan.

In local news, Baltimore’s 98-Rock had a pretty touching last-minute memorial to the band tonight. Stash, the night DJ, joked about meeting Damageplan a few months ago during a vist to the station, “You know when someone named ‘Dimebag’ and someone named ‘Stash’ get together, they’re going to get along…”

Rolling Stone has a bit on the shooter,

Gale was an employee for a temp agency who was on medication for mental-health issues. Brandy Brown, the bartender at a local bar Gale frequented described him as “a hermit kind of guy. I think he lived with his mom.” Lucas Bender — the owner of Bear’s Den Tattoo Studio, which Gale frequented constantly in past weeks — said of the young man, “He kind of gave everyone a weird impression — you know how some people just seem disturbed? . . . After he would leave, my friends and I would all talk and say, ‘Gosh, what’s wrong with that guy?” Gale was discharged from the Marines in November 2003 after less than two of the typical four years of service. Thanks to Lee for the link.

At FlashBang, Chris asks: I hope they at least find a motive, so that it makes some sense.

There were some reports earlier that the shooter, one Nathan Gale, had some not-nice words to say about Darrell Abbott’s breaking up of Pantera before the shooting started, and that perhaps was the reason for his shooting spree. But, really, what the fuck? MTV says Philip Anselm broke the band up.

Furthermore, if you’re so fucking upset that Pantera broke up, all shooting the band’s guitarist is going to do is prevent a reunion tour.

And, really, what it comes down too – if you really hate this guy so much that you want to kill him, blow him away in a blaze of glory on a stage, why – WHY? – do you then have to start shooting into the crowd? I mean, is their pleasure in this band so offensive to you that you just feel the need to inflict pain on those who did nothing to you?

But that isn’t the case, is it? If Gale went on this shooting spree because he felt wronged or slighted by the breakup of Pantera, and he felt people going to see this inferior (clearly to his mind, at least) band somehow insulted the memory of the older, then perhaps the only way to express his rage and anger to folks … was to shoot them.

And I’d imagine everyone in that nightclub is pretty angry, but I doubt so directed at the band – more the dude who decided, “Hey, what the fuck, I’m a loser, I’m going to kill some people.”

Didn’t there used to be a time when the violent folk with the homicidal tendancies just shot themselves? Eh, probably not.

Final Thought: And people why I don’t go out to nightclubs anymore. I have three reasons – one, I don’t want to get burned to death in a fire; two – I don’t want to get shot to death by some asshole with a grudge, and three I don’t want to become a snack for some vampires.

Ok, sorry, I was in need of some humor, and a quick Buffy reference does the mind some good.

My real actual final thought – why can’t we all just get along?

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