The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty

One of the things that is absolutely cool about blogging is the wide variety of subject matter. Me, I tend to lean a little bit personal, a little bit political, and a whole heck-a-lot of “mean” thrown in there a bit.

If you take a look to the right of this, you’ll see most of the blogs I visit on a regular basis. That list only gets updated once a month or so, so some of the sites I’ve started visiting recently aren’t up there. A few of those are the “big guns” of the blogosphere: Wonkette, the penis obsessee; Instapundit, He-Who-Links; Andrew Sullivan, the gay conservative; Talking Points Memo, or, “How to Kick Conservative Rear.” Also, Jeff Jarvis of “I used to be a TV Guide reviewer and now I bash the FCC because they’re morons, and, yes, thank you, I am quite good at bashing the FCC.”

I don’t neccessarily read any of those with great frequency — they’re mostly analysis, or links, — some great passion there at Jarvis — but not a lot of anything that would make me want to get to know them better* — I prefer the leftist blogs with a mix of personal. Chepooka and Alicublog are the best of those, and I’m not quite sure where My Left Brain falls. Somewhere in between, I’m sure, but aren’t they all?

They’re not all political of course, Nonsensical Musings, by my friend Rachel, is all over the place on what gets posted … when she posts. The downside to NM is that is doesn’t get updated often, but when it does get updated, her posts are worth reading and funny. Like, more funny than running over helpless turkeys.

Like, Wil Wheaton’s blog is about how, no, he isn’t Wesley Crusher. And, surprisingly, it’s a pretty good blog and he’s a pretty good writer. Who knew? I mean, besides him. And all the people who read his blog. But, besides them, who knew?

And there are some blogs out there – woah! Talk about a guilty feeling reading them. Take Nikki’s Afterthoughts, for example:
Everything was bad. By the time I was starting to get into it he was actually done. By the time I knew he was done and was starting to mouth “Is that it?” he was asleep. By the time I woke up, he was gone — thankfully. Now, look, I’m a 26-year old guy, and this blog makes me blush like a schoolkid! But Nikki is such a wonderful writer, and is so refreshingly honest and self-critical about her life (unless of course she’s lying about everything, but part of the blogosphere is taking people at their word … like all of you think I’m really a malnurtured snay! I bet you don’t even know what one is, admit it), that the blog is a captivating read. And, y’know, all the “naughty” stuff is kind of thrilling to read too. *cough*

And then there are bad blogs, like Decided Voter and -!-. Why are they bad? NO ONE EVER UPDATES THEM!!!! You reading this, Jay? Colin?

The point? The blogosphere is a great big wide open space. Don’t be afraid to venture to blog topics you might otherwise enjoy. Like, really, “Eating Books With Ketchup” is an odd topic for a blog, but it’s a really good blog.**

So, go forth, find blogs. Read ’em. Enjoy them.

*Well, except for Wonkette, but that’s because Ana Marie Cox is hot. And cute. And adorable. And … yes, shutting up & moving on.

**No, it doesn’t exist. But wouldn’t it be cool if it DID?