the test isn't a failure

Rachel hits a chord that is I’m sure familiar to most of us, and certainly to me:

“Your life and time are not your own. They belong to your professors, to your creditors, beholden to your job. A job, I might add, which does nothing but further commercialistic, consumerist greed and is wholeheartedly not fulfilling or satisfying in any mannerism. You fail an English test and you know it is not the test, but you who is the failure. You fail a math test for the upteenth time and wonder if you’ll ever pass that class, let alone get a degree. And should you obtain that elusive scroll of parchment, do you have what it takes to compete with a million other people all vying for your coveted job? Sadly, you must admit you do not.”

She really is a great writer, and disturbingly close to the mark.

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