"Wah, I'm a Crybaby!"

Instapundit has “noticed the same thing” in reference to an article by Christian Victim James Lileks.

And then they both get a well deserved smack down from James Wolcott.

This “fear of Christmas” is a phantom menace conjured every year so that certain crybaby Christians can adopt victim status and model a pained expression over the sad fact that not everyone around them isn’t carrying on like the Cratchits. This thin-skinned grievance-collecting gives birth to all sorts of urban legends and rumors about big institutions being hostile to Christ’s birthday, such as the one that swirled on WOR radio last week about how Macy’s employees had been instructed not to say “Merry Christmas!” to shoppers. A fiction that was put to rest when the host hit Macy’s website and saw its “Merry Christmas” greeting, and Macy’s employees chimed in over the phones to say there was no such policy. To read conservative pundits, you’d think everybody was wishing each other Happy Kwanzaa! and averting their eyes from oh so gauche Nativity scenes. I’ve got news: Even here on the godless, liberal Upper West Side, people wish each other Merry Christmas without staggering three steps backward, thunderstruck and covered with chagrin.

Norbizness suggests that Lilek’s “wah-wah” attitude is in part because “the store clerk is either Jewish or, on closer inspection, is one of three or four light-skinned African-Americans in the entire state of Minnesota that celebrates Kwanzaa” but I think the second possible reason is funnier, “the author was attempting to smuggle out of the store’s used plus-sized mannequins by passing it off as his ‘exhausted wife’.

When you read Conservative bloggers, generally the attitude you get is this bullshit, “Oh, we hate lefties because they’re so PC to everybody BUT US, dammit, we want some of the PC love so we can reject it. Also, we feel insecure about ourselves and so that plus our desire to push forward an unconstitutional and unAmerican plan to integrate religion and government we’re going to start a campaign to make Christians victims of that bad PC movement that is PC to everyone but conservatives. Wah. Why won’t anyone love me?”

Really, it just makes the dead roll over in their graves, and sends anyone with half a brain running for the toilet so they don’t retch all over their new Star Trek Season Two DVD set.

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  1. Yes, they do seem to have a pretty hefty persecution complex at times… ! I think the solution lies in an old song we used to sing in our Scout troop.

    “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms…”

    Yes, let them eat worms.

  2. “Smackdown”? The “smackdown” happens tomorrow over at Lileks.com.

    God, I love a good blogfight!

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  5. I found this blog when I started searching for a Crybaby Award for a conservative blogger over at jasoncecil.com.

    The blogmeister over there doesn’t think that gays should be allowed to adopt because the Bible tells him so, and he doesn’t think they should be allowed to marry because it encourages polygamists to do it.

    Yeah, I know.

    Anyway, when I blogged a response that included three defintions of the word “bigot” in it he threatened to start censoring his blog because I’d “crossed the line” with my “personal attacks.”

    When my follow-up included the word “hypocrite,” he did just that.

    You have love conservative bloggers. They’re all for in-your-face punditry, railing against PC hypersensitivity, and quoting the Bibe – but heaven forbid you actually quote Webster.


    BTW, anyone know where I can find a “crybaby blogger” award?