Walmart Controls EVERYTHING

For two people on opposite sides of the political spectrum, I’m sort of surprised they see eye to eye on this story.

Messy Hair Girl writes, “…do you really want the counter clerk at WalMart making a judgement call about your own mental fitness?” She also observes, quite correctly, “It really frightens me to see how blind people can be to things and how quickly they are willing to sacrifice everyone’s personal privacy, rights, and liberties to satisfy their own agenda.”

And over at Right-Thinking from the Left Coast, hardly a bastion of liberal thought (last I checked, libs are character-assassinated on sight), and in his usual sarcastic manner, Lee observes, “So, despite selling a legal product, and living up to all federal laws regarding the sale of firearms, Wal-Mart is somehow responsible for this woman’s death because they decided not to break federal law by peeking at her medical records.” I’m sort of dissapointed he didn’t work in a reference to “asshat liberals”, but he makes his point anyway, and I’m sure there are some insults floating around in the comments box anyway.

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  1. I am having technical problems with my site, so I will comment here instead of tracking it back.

    I am not surprised by their actions. We live in the Age of Litigation, and not by choice exactly, but by socialization. Social responsibility has to be defined, and cases like this hurts social welfare more than it helps.

    Gun ownership is a fact of life in the USA. Regulation is always dictated by human discretion, and hopefully that discretion takes into account a larger picture than tragic isolated incidents. In this case I would not think of sueing Wal-Mart (hell, I hate Wal-Mart, and so I don’t shop there, that is enough for any person). I would instead look at the ACTUAL problem. This person was unfortunate in that they could not handle life as the rest of us do. They took a step many of us think about, but for some reason never resort to. That is what we need to examine! How can we help people like this? Guns are not the problem here, it is something else.

    Snay, this also brings to light an interesting political phenomenon, and that is the bunching of political beliefs into classes of people. It will be an upward battle for everyone as long as we keep our issues in two camps. It would be neat if you could say that one side supports gay rights/abortions/heavy gun regulation/social welfare. It is, however, not that clear cut. When we are able to decentralize our issues and start being completely honest to our communities then we can really get into political reform, which is probably the only thing *everyone* agrees on. (Except, of course, the person who doesn’t agree because they are a dweeb. ^_^)


  2. I’m glad to see you out and about Mikuru, it always worried me when you’d drop off the face of the ‘net for months at a time. Anyway, point being, you’re always more than welcome to post here, and I love having your participation. Hope you and Lain are well.