Why only one lane? Why?

I just returned home from the Giant Food in Hunt Valley.

Apparently there was a scheduling crisis, and they only had two employees working the front. One was running around “trouble shooting” the automated checkout lanes. The other was running a register.

Well, for some reason, a bunch of rich stupid people came in to shop. Being rich stupid people, they were too stupid to use the automated checkout lanes, and too rich to wait in line, so one particularly obnoxious woman kept asking the clerk, “Why is there only one lane open? I don’t understand. Why?”

The clerk kept answering her – “I’m sorry, people called out, we didn’t have a lot of people scheduled, call tomorrow and bitch to the supervisor there’s nothing I can do.”

“Why do you have only one lane open? Why?”

The clerk would answer her again. And again, the bitch would ask, “Why only one lane? Why?”

It was like the fucking cunt expected that clerk to walk into the backroom, find a crate of employees marked “Checkout Bitches”, and activate one or two of them like they were androids.

I really wanted to lay into that woman, with some favorite choice words: bitch, cunt, asswhore.

And people wonder where all the Christmas Spirit has gone.

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  1. No way I’m with you on this one, Snay.

    That people put up with sh*t like this is the answer to the woman’s question. Why? Because we, like cattle, allow it.

    Times like that, every customer in the store needs to go find some ice cream and leave it near the counter on the way out. As they leave, they need to say, “Tell your managers we will do this every single time we come in here and have to wait because your company policy is apparently to save money by wasting our lives.”

    Meanwhile, to use a twist on one of your words, asshats are getting richer by stealing not just our money, but our time.

  2. Rick,

    There were at least half a dozen lanes open. All but one of them were the new automated variety, and I understand that they’re scary to use – the supermarket had them for nine months before I finally bowed to the pressure (and having done so, they’re quite easy, although it is a bit of pain to bag your own groceries).

    However, it should be pointed out that there were other options. It wasn’t like anyone was forced to wait in line if they didn’t want to, and there was a clerk working “troubleshooting” on the automated checkout lanes for those new to them.

    And I do have problems with the automated checkout lanes — it’s just another way for the supermarket to get rid of employees — but the attitude of these people in relation to the situation was just absolutely ridiculous.

    Also, punishing the clerks for the failures of management to properly schedule and/or their fellow employees for failing to show up for work strikes me as petty. If you want to send a message, boycott the fuckers.

  3. Also, from an economic standpoint, they are not getting rich from stealing your time. As much as many would like to project their problems onto something else, capitalism is consumer-driven. So, that is actually really bad for their business. This is one of the good things about a true free market, the consumers choose. Obviously it is not that simple, with regulation and whatnot, but this is pretty small in that way.

    My roommate shops at Costco for lots of things, and their lines are always huge, but have really good customer service, so noone is ever in line long. They have two or three people at each checkout. I, and the other hand, shop at New Leaf, which is an organic type grocery. Their lines are sometimes long, and their goods are often times more expensive, but it is worth it to me in both money and time. One thing we do still have in this country is choice in so many things. There is no reason that I can see to project these problems onto the clerks, who really are at the bottom of the chain there.

    Snay, I am sorry for taking so much space in your blog! I need to get mine back online!