A Full Fridge!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stop eating at work so much. To that end, I fairly stocked my ‘fridge — and I think A Fool’s Fate is jealous! Check it out:


All the basic food groups: milk, bread, velveeta and beer!

Oh, look — pickles!

0 thoughts on “A Full Fridge!

  1. I know this feeling well. Opening the fridge and seeing more than a bottle of ketchup, some processed cheese, and a Budweiser is a great sight, isn’t it?

  2. That is SUCH a guy fridge. There is not one green leafy item visible (and pickles don’t count). Get some fruit and veggies in there!

    Love, Mom

  3. Fool,

    You want to know what’s sad? I’ll probably still have a fourth of that beer in there this time next year.


    There’s ham in there! My favorite sandwich in the world: toasted white bread, apply mayo, white american cheese, ham, and a dash of jalapeano mustard.


    How … could … you … forget … beer … off … your … shopping … list?


    There’s green in there besides the pickles! I mean, yeah, it’s mold, but, y’know, green mold!!!


    I’m going to go shopping again Sunday. I’m going to get waffles. Yay!