Admiral Ackbar is Court-Martialed

I walked into work today and was already in a good mood: Ackbar’s car wasn’t in the parking lot. He was “let go” yesterday. See, when we’re hired, Gary gives us a pep talk, goes something like this: “We have a trial run period of employment, it’s important that everyone work well here, and if it the fit isn’t right, it’s just best that we end things on a good note.”

Yesterday, while I was off, Ackbar was the all important “second driver.” And it was a busy lunch, and he spent over an hour taking three deliveries into the industrial park to three businesses within half a mile of each other. And that was pretty much the final straw as far as Gary was concerned. “I don’t get it,” Gary told me, “I’ve had people who have never worked delivery before come here and within a week they know the ins and outs of this job.” Ackbar had, previously, worked for Domino’s Pizza. Boy I bet they were glad to be rid of him.

I’d like to say I hated working with Ackbar, but that’s not really the truth. I made a lot of money when I worked with him, generally because in the time it took him to take a delivery, I could take three or four, and make a lot of money.

But I’m a greedy little bastard like that.