He's a douche

After the helicopter crew also reported seeing laser beams, FBI agents canvassed Banach’s neighborhood trying. Banach told the agents it was his daughter who shined a beam at the helicopter, according to court papers. He denied the laser was in use when the jet had passed nearby. But later, Banach submitted to a lie detector test and eventually said he shined the laser beam at both aircraft, according to the court papers. The papers did not give any alleged motive.

So, this douchebag tries to blame his daughter? I mean, look, I can understand, the FBI is all like, “Oh, who did this, we need to take them out back and beat ’em the fuck up.” Okay, cool. But wouldn’t most people, if they were going to, y’know, lie to the Feds, say, “Oh, it was that evil Goth kid down the block”, or maybe, “Hey, y’know, I saw this pizza dude in his car with a big laser thingy-in his hand muttering ‘beam me up, Scotty.'” But blaming your own kid? I wonder how old the father is — maybe he should’ve gotten out of the ‘I’m going to go hide under the bed and blame it on somone else’ phase before he started getting girls pregnant.

What a fucking douche.