Jeep Pickup – SEXY!

I used to have a Jeep Wrangler. It was a ’98, and by the time I sold it (a year and a half ago, July) it was in pretty horrible condition – it shaked, it rattled, and instead of driving the thing, it was more like rolling it down a hill and hoping you didn’t crash into anything. The bumpers were plastered with stickers, it was cold and uncomfortable, and I’d give anything to have my old baby back again (and I’m thinking about buying another one when I get my Toyota paid off).



Maybe a pickup version, this time?

Scratch that. I want the removeable top & doors. But those are some pretty slick lines, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a future Wrangler adopts some.

0 thoughts on “Jeep Pickup – SEXY!

  1. Damn that is a sweet looking truck ………..I have a 97 wrangler , had it for several years and wouldnt let it go for nothing. Best vehicle I have ever owned.