Just for Fun


Damn they look downright EVIL.

Aw, did I wake them? Well, yes, but that’s also because they’re light sleepers and I’d just made a lot of noise in the kitchen. They were probably discussing ways of killing me in my sleep. Hint: sleep on my nose. That’ll do it, cats!


It would appear that Guy also likes to sleep atop the clean clothes. One wonders why I leave a hamper full of dirty clothes out at all. Except, y’know, the obvious reason – I’m a bachelor and I’m lazy.

0 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. dude, your email bounced back to me — can you email me? I want to set you up with your guest blogging info. Happy New Year to you and your Devil Cats. lol :)

  2. Y’know… if you actually hang the clothes up… it makes it awfully hard for them to sleep on them. Unless they’ve mastered the bat act.