The Zombies are Coming!

So after watching Shaun of the Dead, I was in a mood for zombie movies, so I rented the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead, with Ving Rhames. In a nutshell, zombies start popping up everywhere and a group of folk take refuge in a shopping mall, with a lot of gore along the way. It was actually a pretty decent survival movie, with just about everybody getting killed along the way.

Anyway, the other day I was over at my friend Chris’ place and we spoke briefly about what we’d do in case zombies started popping to life. “I’d head down to the mall,” Chris said. “I could live there for ever.”

Well, sure, except considering Towson Town Center has like fifty million entrances and isn’t as defendable as the mall in Dawn of the Dead.

I think I’d try to get into a grocery store somewhere, but I don’t know how secure the doors would actually be. Could they hold out against a bunch of zombies trying to get in? Also, at some point I’d have to detour to Dick’s or something and get a shotgun. That scene where Ving Rhames blows Andy’s head off? Brutal.

The best bet would probably be to do what the survivors did in Dawn of the Dead — fight your way to a marina, commandeer a boat, and look for a little slice of nowhere island.