what a nap

At about two I decided, “Jeff, get off the computer and go rot your brain finishing Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgendy.”

On my way to the living room, I saw Guy curled up under a bookcase, and he looked so content I decided to join him. Not under the bookcase – I wouldn’t fit – but next to the bookcase. We snuggled, the floor felt not so un-comfy, and I woke up about an hour later. Guy then decided he’d had enough quality time and walked away.

I fell asleep again, then woke up and decided, “Screw this, I’m taking my nap on the bed.” I walked into the bedroom and there was Guy, sleeping on the foot of the bed. He looked at me as I stretched out with an expression that seemed to say, “I came in here because I like to nap in solitude, damn you.”

Anyway, he put up with me for another half hour before finally leaving again. I need to stay awake – work soon. Yuk.