spam or not?

In the last twelve hours or so, many Baltimore area bloggers have recieved comments from a person named “Adam” concerning a university study he’s assisting to conduct which will study the various habits of bloggers and how blogs effect bloggers’ lives. Or something like that.

I usually delete spam – if you want to use me for advertisement, great! Put some cash in my sweaty palm. But people who’ll steal my blog for their advertisements? Fuck ’em.

Anyway, so I was divided – was Adam’s comment spam? Or not?

I came to the conclusion that it is spam. I see no reason why this Adam person couldn’t go to the trouble to e-mail his research proposal to people rather then post it in the first open-comment post he found.

Maybe I’m wrong. Whatever. I don’t want to read my comments to find out some dude from half way across the country wants me to participate in his little study and he can’t even take the time to bother to look up my e-mail.

Adam’s comment … deleted.


To clarify, because I feel I need to, it seems odd that in order to contact specific bloggers, Adam would contact people through public comments that anyone can read. I mean, what would be to stop me from reading Seadragon’s blog, finding about Adam’s survey in her public comments, then going to Adam’s survey, and then — pretending to be Seadragon — filling it out completely opposite from how she would?

Also, upon reading JJT’s post here, I did go to Adam’s survey site and complete the survey. I still think the way Adam went about contacting people was poorly thought through.

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  1. You’re funny.

    I actually did the survey, but only because as a fellow grad student, I understand the need for study participants. (Also, I checked first to make sure he’s a real person, and he is.)

    The survey itself is pretty straightforward and you never have to give any identifying information. Just check off little boxes saying if you’ve ever met anyone online, etc. But at the end, there was a box for whatever commentary you wanted to leave. I mentioned that leaving his request as a comment on our blogs felt a bit too much like spam (since they weren’t even related to the post they were submitted to) and I recommended that he contact people by email in the future!

  2. dude, i was SO just going to write something about this (at 4:45 am… fucking insomnia)…. yeah, WTF? i kind of haven’t had time to really investigate, but does it appear to be legit? very odd, regardless.

  3. I dumped that shit as spam, too. Adam can consider that data for his blogger study: mass comments posted will be treated as spam

  4. Well I guess that’s Adam’s first lesson right there!

    I think the same sort of thing has gone round London bloggers, but whoevers done has had the courtesy to email it, not drop it in comments.

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