the day in brief

Opening Firefox, I somehow pulled up a login screen, and thusly found my previously believed “long lost” bookmarks. Wish I’d known they hadn’t been deleted six months ago — the set-up of Firefox I have currently apparently lost was perfect, including the admin-page of this website on the toolbar. Grrrr.

I finished up the cleaning last night for my grandmother’s visit today. I took ‘after’ photos — I’ve been shamed into hiding my slob side — and I’ll post those later. I hadn’t rearranged the living room in some time so I did that too. I bought some nice wood-cleaning cleaner, and the dining room table is shining like its made out of gold. I also got some wood glue and tried to fix some of the wooden chairs, but three were in pretty good shape and the one that isn’t … well, needs the healing touch of Jesus Christ, carpenter.

I ran out to the store for some last minute items and was tailgated to and from. I was also almost killed by some jackass driving a Chevy Avalanche who decided to use York Road as his own, personal u-turn … without, of course, bothering to check where all the other cars were. That made for some fun braking manuevers. Where are the police when you really want to see someone get ticketed for driving like a moron?

Then to top everything off, I get home, notice the rear-passenger side tire is riding low, and see a nail head embedded in it. Woo-fuckin’-hoo. Of course, its too late now to run to the tire shop down the road and get it patched — the mother and the grandmother will be here pretty much any moment.

Oh, did I mention I had a “Read a fucking book” sticker on top of my cats’ litter box, which is in the bathroom? Which, in other words, my grandmother would probably – at some point – see? Yeah, had to rip that off real quick. My commentary on the American literacy level — in the trash. Great.

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  1. Where are the police when you really want to see someone get ticketed for driving like a moron?

    Right here:

    And its a good thing to ditch the ‘read a book sticker’. You wouln’t want your grandmother to thing you were trying to encourage yourself to read a book instead of, well.. you know, in the the bathroom.