the heterosexual life partners

It never really seemed possible that it would happen. Yeah, there was talk — “No, really, we’re both moving”, but it was sort of like “Oh, someday Texas will fall into hell“, you just never expect it to actually happen, and when it does you’re left with this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you wish you’d gotten to know them better before the split, before the death, because now there’s nothing you can do — nothing at all, it’s over, all over, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Que sera, sera?

So, with the same fondness that is extended to other more-than-heterosexual-but-less-than-homosexual life partners, like these folks;


… I would like to extend my best wishes to Baltimore’s own David Brent and Chris Finch, Anonymous Coworker and KMart. You two are, to my mind, as inseperable as Boh and Natty.

… in a more somber note,

And since today marks the departure of several folks from the blogging scene — some for a short while, some for much longer — farewell to DaBrettman, Latter Chronicles of the Early Years and Sweetney. I think I can understand some of the frustration bloggers are feeling, particularly as a community of Baltimore Bloggers begins to form and relationships develop between bloggers which force said bloggers to censor themselves for fear of hurting others. This can especially be problematic for those who turned to blogging as a way to vent without hurting their friends and family — as they make new friends (and possible new family) through blogging — aren’t they defeating their purpose for blogging? Fool has a nice post about some of the frustrations I think most of us have experienced at some point since becoming a part of this community. This bit, I think, sums it up:

When I started A Fool’s Fate it was my intention to remain anonymous… at least on the internet. I choose to attend my first Blogger Happy Hour because I did not feel as though it would effect my anonymity. I didn’t know the people and having a beer with them every now and then wasn’t going to influence what I wrote about. However, things aren’t always as simple as you hope. There are people I once described as “bloggers” that I now describe as “friends.” To add wood to the fire, I am currently rooming with one blogger and I am in love with another.

So…as you can imagine… there are eggshells to mind when creating posts. When I can’t express the little frustrations and doubts that pop up in the course of every day life and all its massive bullshit then I end up writing about the very few other things that consume me like… oh… say… work. Then I start repeating myself. Then I start babbling. Then it becomes bad for all of us.

I have no one to blame but myself. But why should I blame myself? Great things have come out of this blog and the fact that I forfeited my anonymity to meet other bloggers. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

At a happy hour a few months ago, Seadragon asked me why I started blogging, and I told her the truth – I wanted to make money, and had dreams of running a popular political blog that I could sell ad-space on and become rich and famous. Clearly, that didn’t pan out. Instead, my social life has recovered from its previous existence of “DOA” and I’ve made many new friends. In other words, I’ve gotten far more out of blogging than I ever could have imagined possible.

I’ve never been an out going person. I’m shy and reclusive by nature. I’d generally rather stay home and watch TBS then go out and try to meet people. I credit the now-deceased Crablogs with helping to meet people who helped pull me out of my shell and maybe it’s just odd – being a mostly positive experience for me – that for other people it becomes seemingly the opposite.

To those who are leaving this digital community, I hope you find what you’re looking for, and I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that you’ll be missed.


Perhaps influenced by Debrettman’s departure and Sweetney’s break-taking, I apparently misinterpreted this post by Green Eyed Pagan. I feel this was an honest mistake to make — the post is quite clear that GEP feels that her real personality isn’t coming across, and lists her frustrations with the Baltimore blog “scene.” In particular, the sentence “if I continue beyond this…” really seemed to indicate that her blog was, for all intents and purposes, done, particularly when coupled with the rest of the post. I had no intention to start or spread a false rumor, I came to an erroneous conclusion and offer my apology.

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  1. Hey Snay, that was quite a sweet (as in ‘aww’) post, and I can fully see ACW as being Jay.

    I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers leaving and have been wondering what the hell is going on – maybe some people just get a bit tired of it (an idea or fixation running out of steam?).

  2. I think you said it, snay. But boy was i surprised when I woke up this morning and all these people had quit. sucks.

  3. nice post, snay. but really, i’m not leaving. just taking a break. just need to clear my head a little, think about some things. but i’ll be back…

    thanks for noticing, though :)

    i think blogging is much more complex than people give it credit for, particularly when you exist in a real community of bloggers, as we do. there’s a lot of interconnections behind the scenes, a lot of allegiances and, in some cases, animosity. i’m just trying to work through some of that in my own way privately, to figure out how to proceed without driving myself or others crazy.

    see you soon…

  4. OK, phew. So Sweetney and G.E.P. aren’t going anywhere after all. But if they were, this would have been a nice sendoff, snay.