the number of the last incoming call is marked private

… and cannot, therefore, be returned to thank the person who decided to call me at four in the effin’ morning and then hang up. Thanks, because, y’know, it wasn’t like I was sleeping or anything. And it’s not so much the waking-up that bothers me, it’s the really loud ringing that to a sleep-adled mind is yelling “ALARM! ALARM!” and then half-formed thoughts of “omg there’s a death in the family” and coupled with stumbling across the apartment to the phone crashing your foot into a wall tripping over a cat and as soon as you pick the phone up its just … dialtone.

And of course, *69 doesn’t work because the last incoming call is marked private, so I don’t get to say, “Hey, why’d you call me and wake me up?”


0 thoughts on “the number of the last incoming call is marked private

  1. honey, call the phone company and get “anonymous call rejection”. Then those calls go to a voice menu where the “private” asshole has to record their name, or the phone won’t ring.
    (I had to resort to this when I had someone’s effing fax machine dialing me every ten minutes from 4-5am)