Hogwarts: A *Completed* Lego Project


Construction lasted from July 20th(ish), 2005 to January 26th, 2006 (that’s about half a year).

The castle is constructed on a 64×64 peg baseplate.

The castle is 200 Lego Bricks tall.

The castle weighs [a lot of] lbs. (I think the table it’s on is about to break).

I would not even want to guesstimate how many Lego bricks the castle is made of, except that the number is somewhere in the thousands.

You can view more photos in my Brickshelf Gallery. New sections will be added as time allows.

EDITED 12/12/2007 to fix broken image links.

0 thoughts on “Hogwarts: A *Completed* Lego Project

  1. Well, you had me fooled. I thought the big announcement was that you finally got a real job with benefits and such. Shoulda known, I guess…

  2. Actually, today begins my new career as a “Bank Money Relocation Specialist.”

    Anyone interested in being a “Mobile Transport and Law Enforcement Evader Operator?”

  3. Holy crap! We have our fair share of Legos at our place (bf collects the Star Wars sets), but I think this one wins. So how tall is that?

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  5. Uh huh, I thought the big announcement was going to be that you’re some sort of nutjob. How right I was! Congratulations, Snay, that’s very impressive. I’m happy for you, I think.

  6. Tim and I were talking, and we think that the new initiation for the elite EGBT is to have a picture of them standing next to that! Get your guest bed out, Snay!

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  10. This is nothing to sneeze at! I think I suffer from AADD and would not be able to dedicate my attention to anything that took that long. LOL I bow to you, O King of the legos!

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  14. That’s… amazing. You really need better photos of it, though. I think it would make an awesome desktop wallpaper. Too bad you couldn’t wire it for lights?

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