Hopin’ for a Waiver

So I only spent about an hour and a half at the service department. They diagnosed the problem as – ready for it? – two sensors. So I’m taking the car back in next Tuesday to get them installed.

That’ll be five-hundred bucks. And if that doesn’t work, it might mean my catalytic converter needs fixin’ — that’ll be thirteen hundred bucks. Oh, and did you know you needed new tires? Four Michelin for eight hundred. How much of a rube do I look like?*

I had those sensors replaced over the summer, unfortunatly, what I didn’t know was that if I had them replaced more than thirty days before I got my emissions test, I wouldn’t qualify for the waiver. So, while I’m kicking myself for being stupid last summer, I also know that if I replace these sensors (again) and get the car tested, I’ve probably got a pretty good chance at getting an MVA emissions repair waiver. I hope so, anyway.

As for the catalytic converter — fuck it. If I can get my car through emissions without fixing it, that’s what I’ll do. As best as I can tell, the only thing fixing the converter is going to do will be to turn off the stupid ‘check engine light.’ I’ve been driving with that light on for most of the time I’ve had the car – I think I’ll live, particularly if it’s going to cost thirteen hundred bucks to turn off.

(More and more, I kind of wish my insurance company had totalled my car last October. Then I wouldn’t be worrying about this right now, y’know?)

And as for the tires? One thing I expect about doing what I do is that I go through stuff rather quick — I’ll run through a set of tires in about a year, and I think it’s been a little over that (maybe by as much as three or four months) since I last outfitted my car with new “shoes”, so it isn’t an expense I wasn’t expecting. But I spent $600 on tires in my Jeep. For 30″ off-road tires. I’m not spending $800 for 14″. I already stopped by the Padonia Road Goodyear and they’re going to call me when the non-name-brand stuff gets in.

*Rhetorical question, I’m a huge rube, but I’m still not spending eight-hundred bucks on tiny ass tires.

11 thoughts on “Hopin’ for a Waiver

  1. $800 for tires? 4 big ass nice SUV tires would cost me that much. On a tiny little celica I wouldn’t pay more than $200 total.

  2. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! Tires for my fiance’s Impala SS are about $600 for a set of 10″ WIDE tires! That’s the pimpin’ set he uses in the summertime.

  3. Michelins (like most name brand tires) are overpriced and over-rated.


    Its been years since I’ve bought tires anywhere else. Tons of brands, ratings buy customers, fast and relatively cheap shipping. They can even help find a local shop to mount and balance.

  4. If you belong to Sam’s Club, they have tires at a reduced price. K Mart in most cases meet the price of tires from Sam’s Club and other places. Just ask for the best price. Just make sure you know what tires you want and the price so you can ask for a meet or beat price.

  5. Unless you’ve done something horrible to your catalytic converter – there should be nothing wrong with it. Those are designed for the LIFE of the car.

  6. Yeah, well they mentioned that if the sensors don’t work, they might have to replace/repair the catalytic converter and quoted me $1500. As if.

  7. Search around online for car repair websites. I found one that told me where the “secret button” is located that will turn off your “check engine” light. Mine came on automatically at 50,000 miles – there was nothing wrong with the car.

  8. Jain – I took the car through emissions with the light off about a month ago. The problem is the light has to be off (yes) but also the onboard diagnostic has to have reset itself — it hadn’t, and as a result I failed the emissions test.

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