I Hate Netflix and Love Kohl’s

Of three movie selections supposed to be delivered to my apartment last Wednesday, only one showed up. Unable to report the other two missing for six days (Derailed and 35-Up!), and unable to watch the one I recieved (42-Up!), I was stuck fuming and checking my mailbox each day to see if they’d magically appeared. Today, the missing two finally appeared in my mailbox. Considering how late these two were marked as “mailed” on Tuesday, I think they got stuck in the facility until Saturday when someone noticed them, said “oh shit!” and put ’em with the outgoing.


I love Kohl’s. They’re running a sale on ties, and had an entire rack of nice, brilliant, contemporary neckties by Arrow and Croft & Barrow for $5. Plus, they had a selection of Croft & Barrow dress-shirts packaged with silk ties for $10. Whenever I get an office job? I’m totally set.

Until then, I can dress up nice and pretend.

5 thoughts on “I Hate Netflix and Love Kohl’s

  1. I’ve been getting the “Oh, we got one but not the other one you mailed from the same mailbox at the exact same time” runaround.

  2. They’re screwing up a lot more lately. I’m at *three* lost discs to or from them, and Flightplan was supposed to be here last Wednesday or Thursday and it’s nowhere to be seen, so that’s probably the fourth. I wonder what the limit before they cut off your account.

  3. I guess I haven’t been flixing enough to get caught in the bad juju from Netflix. I’m sorry your movies were delayed, buddy. Jason and I are on the same account, so I get two and he gets two. However, they’re delivered to him in VA, not to DE, which STINKS.

    And if you’re playing dress up, can I play too? Dress-up is fun!

  4. see? this is precisely why I’ve not tried NetFlix. It’s got the classic dot-com signs of looking good on paper, but lacking in the infrastructure necessary to, well, work.

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