"Mmmm … bye."

A disturbing trend I’ve been noticing.

Whenever I answer the phone at the Indy, after collecting all the delivery info for an order — customer name, phone, address, business name, suite number, extension?, time of order — and then the order itself — sub, pizza, salad or other? drinks? need plates or napkins? what’s on that sub? ketchup on the side for the western fries? — I find myself signing off the phone by saying “Bye.”

Except that I don’t just say “Bye.”

I lead into it. As I scan the ticket for any information I may need to collect, I begin a slow lead into my conclusion — “Mmmmm…” — and once I’m satisfied there is no further information I need to complete the order, I throw in the “Bye”, hang up, and am onto other tasks.

Even more disturbing, I noticed that most men (or women with really really really deep voices) on the other end of the line do the same thing.

It’s vaguely feminine to say over the phone “mmmmm bye.” It’s extraordinarily ridiculous for two grown men to say to each other, at roughly the same time, “Mmmmm bye.”

I need to break this habit. Mmmmm … now!

11 thoughts on “"Mmmm … bye."

  1. i just have to tell you this because it made me laugh so hard – i’m finally creating a blogroll for easy update notification and so i commenced adding all my links and typing in the names of the blogs. when i get to yours i cut and pasted the url in and began typing the name when i suddenly realized that for as long as i have been reading (a year +) i thought it was malnourished snay. i just now realized it was malnurtured. anyway, i’m really glad you’re adequetly nourished. the end. -mary alice

  2. You should try, “Thank you for calling.” Or some variation thereof. When I worked in a call centre, we weren’t allowed to say “bye”. We could get away with “good bye”, but definitely NOT “bye, bye” (too close to “buh bye”).

  3. Instead of “MmmmmmBye,” Try saying “MmmmmmmGoFuckYourself” and then quickly hanging up. See how that goes over with the pizza patrons.

  4. You could switch to “handyman hangup” a la The Hub
    “H’okay, bye!” It’s as if he suddenly turns Cockney at the end of the call. It’s weird.

  5. I normally don’t even say “bye”… I end with “yes ma’am” or “thank you” or “take care” or whatever else is fitting. I don’t know why… but maybe you could try that?

  6. I usually answer the phone ala Monty Burns, “Ahoy hoy!”

    I’ve never paid much attention to how I end the conversation though. See ya! Later man! Take care! all come to mind.

  7. I am laughing my AZZ off right now. I just searched in google, “mmmmm bye” because I have found it to be one of the most annoying things I hear in the WORLD.

    Why oh WHY do people do it? Your reason is valid – you’re still collecting your thoughts and making sure you’re done talking.

    Other people will finish and STILL say it.

    Example: ” . . . well you too. Talk to you soon. MMmmmmm bye.”


  8. God, this is hilarious…. I sit next to a guy that says it constantly. My co-workers and I always make fun of him for saying it. (behind his back)

    We are thinking of installing a bell that we will ring every time he says it..

    its so femme..



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