Belated Holiday Greetings

Usually, working, when I get to the door, my little “song and dance” is either “Oh, your total is $400…” or “Okay, so, a large double anchovie?” The holiday season — from Thanksgiving to a few days past New Years — is usually rife time for new greetings. “Happy Thanksgiving!” “Merry Christmas!” “Happy New Year!” and the generic “Happy Holidays!” for those spots of time where nothing else’ll fit.

Of course, the problem with getting a routine for so long is that it’s hard to break. So instead of consistently saying any of those holiday appropriate greetings, I’ve been continuing on with the $400 and anchovies. I did get a hearty laugh from a guy at Shawan Liquors yesterday when I told him if he ordered delivery on New Year’s Day he’d probably actually give me four hundred bucks (he agreed).

Here’s hoping I can successfully switch over to “Happy New Year!” for the next week. It doesn’t sound like much, and it really isn’t, but with luck, this’ll be my last New Year’s to say “Happy New Year!” when delivering people pizzas (because I won’t be doing it next year!), and I should try to get into the holiday spirit.

3 thoughts on “Belated Holiday Greetings

  1. No more pizza? Did you work for a big chain? My husband is a manager at a pizza restaurant. And he’s always losing delivery drivers in December. But not so much lately becuase he’s such a good manager.

    What are you moving on to?

  2. Amanda,

    I work for a franchise of a chain, and for an indy shop. I’m finishing my degree in May and am hoping to find employment having nothing to do with either pizza or driving!

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