“From where I’m standing Angelina’s boobs are on par with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand” – [EGBT] Rasalom

I’d been trying to describe to my new coworker, the Marine, my favorite first person shooter of all time: the HalfLife mod Counter-Strike. This touched off some memories, fond ones, if you can believe, of a game that is for me the game all others of its kind will be judged against.

Counter-Strike was a modern-day set first person “shooter”, except the objective of the game wasn’t to kill your opponents. I mean, don’t get me wrong, killing your opponents while achieving the round goals was permitted, it was theoretically possible for no one to die at the end of the round and have one team win. It was this style of play, which forced player cooperation over kill-whoring, which made the game great for me. What made the game memorable was the clan I began playing with, [EGBT] was their tag, Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow the server, and the rules were simply put and violently enforced by the all-seeing and all-powerful server admins: Pursue the Objective!

Camping was strongly discouraged (unless, say, you were a terrorist on a CS map guarding your hostages), and gameplay was mercilessly short and violently bloodly. Ten seconds into a map, with the Terrorist team racing towards bomb-site B and the Counter-Terrorists rushing from the opposite direction, a hail of grenades from both teams and a flury of gunfire would leave the majority of both teams slaughtered, with the few who remained aware that a moment’s hesitation in finding the bomb or rescuing the hostages could be met with an admin_kick command, forcing a player from the almost-always packed server.

[EGBT] wasn’t a clan concerned with stats. What didn’t matter was your kill to death ratio: if it had, I would never have worn the tag. As a gameplayer, I was frequently deceased in the opening seconds of combat. There was no limit on the number of members we could have — probably at least a hundred people wore the tag, and in the Counter-Strike community there was sort of the unspoken recognition that those who wore it were aggressive as hell, possibly to the point of being short some brain cells. We even had forums (down now, but they were at egbt.us).

Sure, I had my moments of glory, such as one game on CS_Estate, where I bum-rushed the CTs and took out four of ’em with my pump-action shotgun. Or on DE_Train, where as the only surviving member of my team, outnumbered five to one, and armed only with thirty-rounds in my MP5, I eliminated all terrorists and won the game. Mostly, however, I just played aggressively, guarding the bomb to the last as the timer ticked towards detonation, and, as the sole surviving counter-terrorists on CS_Office, charging my opponents in a hopeless attempt to win the round (there, I failed). More than once, [EGBT] Mikuru and I would rush the sloping-alley on DE_Inferno with our Para Machine Guns, blasting into the oncoming terrorists as the rest of our team took advantage of our sacrifice to take-up excellent defensive positions and shred those we didn’t get. I keenly remember a game on that same map, on that same alley, where [EGBT] Sue Aside warned everyone that friendly fire was on, and we should watch our fire. A second later, she dropped her grenade and killed not only herself but two others on our team (and both [EGBT] members). The surviving members of our team were so overcome by laughter the T’s cut us to shreds.

I last played Counter-Strike shortly before launching this blog. By that time, the [EGBT] server had been overcome by technical issues, and newer games were taking many people’s interest away from Counter-Strike. I can never escape Counter-Strike, nor do I think would I want to. Tron, who is the technical genius who built this blog for me (first on Moveable Type, then making the move to Word Press), and a blogger too, met me first on the battle zones of Counter-Strike, where he played as [EGBT] Harpoon. We met for the first time in person earlier this year. I remain in contact with [EGBT] Mikuru, who I would make suicide runs with. [EGBT] Lucifex, who I first met when I tried para-sniping a couple of Ts and wound up team-killing him (an offense for which he admin_slayed me, thinking I reckless, as I’d accidently wounded another teammate earlier the same round) is another clan member I remain in contact with.

It’s been years since I’ve played any first person shooter online. But when I have — Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam — I’ve played with the [EGBT] tag. Aggressive. Relentless. Team player. Maybe not the best shot, but dammit, I can ask, “WHO THE FUCK THREW THAT FLASH?!” with the best of ’em.

(I found this, a list of quotes from [EGBT] members compiled by C Sitter. Was that [EGBT] Centurius? I don’t remember … no, had to be one of the twins … Chad? Who was he again? [EGBT] Damage Case?)


Man, this looks strange yet good: [EGBT] Malnurtured Snay. I gotta get back into FPS. Does Counter-Strike still exist? Do people still play?

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  1. I spent more time on that server ingame that with any persons during that time. It was glorious. I still have fond memories of getting slaughtered for 20 rounds because I’d use only the mac10. Oh, how I did love that gun…

    I’m actually going to visit [EGBT]KKrunch in January sometime. He’s a cop now, and I’m going to do a ride along during the graveyard shift..

    Remember in the beta versions, when they didn’t have a model for walking backwards or climbing ladders? So your guy would moonwalk while he was walking in reverse… good times.


  2. I can’t play first-person shooters–I’m so lame I get carsick just watching them. That’s why I heart my text-based, browser based MUD.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Liked yours too, has been bookmarked. I won’t pass on your comments to my step-daughter because, with all due respect, she’d probably rip you a new belly-button or something. :o)

  4. Wow, Some of the fondest memories of my younger years FPS.. No matter what game i play, i still rock the EGBT tag, as well as my brothers :)

    Who else is still floating around out there?

  5. Those were some great time. Every once in a while, I will vainly browse the game list for Evil Geniuses in a hope that someone will revive it. I almost never join a server with as amiable characters as EGBT had on it. When I get a real job, I think I will try to operate a 20 person server.


  6. I sure miss the good old days of EGBT style CS. One day EGBT will rise up again and be a glorious server on the CS networks. Until then, we will have to lurk in the shadows and wait for that day to come.

  7. It definitely was the most fun I ever had. Each server I run still uses the exact rule set from the old server. Was a blast playin with you guys.

  8. Hey Snay,
    Do you have an Xbox 360 system? If ya do (or if ya get on soon) let me know and join me for Call of Duty 2 and 3 games. Nothing I like better than shooting Nazis with friends!

    Or we can play Gears of War for some hard hitting, aggressive and violently bloody squad based action.

    Rock on,

  9. the EGBT server were the best times during my CS days. i’ve never found another server quite like it, and from the looks of it, i never will!

    i trully miss being able to count on T’s rushing in aztec, or being able to count on your team to not camp. seriously, once you got used to the gameplay there, you really couldn’t play anywhere else w/o getting frustrated.

    GoW anyone? imagine getting an EGBT-esque gameplay in that! miss you guys… hope to frag you soon!

    – [EGBT] sloothy
    – Steve C.
    – xboxlive – inyoFACE878

  10. Hey guys!!! I still play every now and then. Usually on a pug server of some kind. I miss the old days of killing everyone. Geno, check me out. I run the Colossus theatre in Langley now. Stop by for a movie


  11. as stated before, csitter == yobhguod

    i have the sql backup of the forums that appeared on egbt.us for a short time … i have been toying with the idea of bringing them back from the dead (i keep meaning to ask lucifex about the domain / his thoughts of such a plan)

    i play counter strike source on a server run with the objective in mind (not quite as insanely enforced as egbt was however) called milf

  12. Those were truly great days indeed. I still have the screenshot of Meg blowing her entire team up, I’ll email it to you guys. It’s really heart-warming to see so many responses to this blog post in such short order – thanks for rousing us from our slumber Snay!

    I’ve participated in a number of online communities, but EGBT remains by far my favorite for its cohesiveness, diversity, and plain ole’ comedy.

    By the way, does anyone know what happened to Lightning Man?


  13. First, that’s sittner. Second, you thought I was Cent or the twins? :-P

    Third, someone needs to get ahold of Ras. I can’t seem to. Jimmy(Cent) and I have tried. Rob, come back to us. Anyway, that is all, for the moment.

  14. Yob,

    I tried sending him a text message, but it seems the cell number I had for him is long out of date. I sent Icarus a text too, but no reply yet.

    Also: I found Chad & Chase on MySpace and sent them messages. No reply yet.

  15. Hows it going?

    Wow I havent really been into games since CS. What are people playing now a days?

    I rembering meeting a bunch of people in Orgeon. I came over with Hero.


  16. HEY everyone long time no chat… Snay love the site lookin good and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  17. hey suckas….i was plesently suprised to see this email in my old hotmail account….i mostly only use it for spam stuff now, and just logged in to keep it active. I often wish that the old server was still running as i have yet to find a multiplayer game and community that provides the same level of communal enjoyment that EGBT had. The ability to log on at any time for however long (usually hours resulting in a large homework deficit and late assignments-there goes a years tuition) and play an entertaining fast paced game, with loads of laughs was quite fun. cool to remember that, and timely i suppose given the new year and all. Happy holidays eveyone.

  18. Hey guys! I, too, also reminesce about the good ole days on the EGBT server. Whenever I end up talking to people about CS, I always find myself talking about how the people I use to game with made it so memorable. I haven’t played much recently. But somehow I’m always hoping for the one day when I hear that the server is back up and running. What games have you all been playing recently?

  19. I do not know if anybody remembers me[COPS]Makaveli. I was a regular for awhile, wanted to join EGBT so bad, and still have fond memories of old days of playing on the EGBT server. I have yet to find a community as great as EGBT. I remember pretty much everyone who’s posted here so far. Mainly from reading the EGBT forums. Two very sad occasions when the EGBT server was put down and the day the forums went down, too. Great server with great people.

    Hope to see you all soon if the forums come back online.


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  21. Geno, MadChyld and Murdock, still keepin EGBT alive in call of duty 4, on team mafia hardcore server.. come in if you still read this shite

    [EGBT] Murdock, im EGBT | Precog now

  22. oh heck yeah, we are still out and about, in full force. We in cod4 now if you have it, you should come by and say hello P Address: Port: 28960 Query Port: 28960 server ip… Let others know if you see em

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  24. LoL… stumbled across this looking for something else. Can’t believe i missed this thread…Moved onto COD4, playing BF3 now, under EGBT, masseffect 3 looks sweet. Still havent found a game like CS though lol cant believe we jumped in on it before 1.3 .

    I think EGBT marik is one of the guys from oregon, aka Sean Suhl the founder of Suicide girls lol.

    I ve changed my moniker to viLLa1n now though, seemed like a good evolution.

  25. Well, I stumbled upon this rather late in the conversation. I too still talk about my days playing with EGBT. I seem to remember dying with a lot more consistency than most. Good to know you are all still out there. I had my own CS server up for a while playing with Lazy and others. I tried to keep up the EGBT mantality but it was never quite the same. [EGBT]dr. bombay here now known as DefectiveScientist.

  26. I was procrastinating at work today and had an “I wonder” moment. Googled [EGBT] and… wow the memories that come back. I remember the night we got the CS .9 mod and played a game with my brother and friends. We had so much fun that we came up with a clan tag based on a card game we liked to play. (Illuminati by Steve Jackson Games) EGBT was born with a membership of 5. We soon discovered that playing encumbered by idiots was less fun. Shawn (Cignul9) pooled extra parts from all of us, built a server and got permission to colocate it on the big pipe at his office as a “bandwidth test”. The moto of “Pursue the Objective” was actually preceeded by “Don’t be an Asshat”. What followed were many hours of hilarity, friendship and fun. The Illuminati still gather to plot world domination, play games and drink beer when life allows.

  27. Hello Fellas. This is once known Grass-Fu >p. In case anyone ever check this again. We have a CS:GO server 74.91.126:144:27015 we also have a Ventrilo server too



    pw: hotsauce

    If Luci is up to running the forums for us we have the server for that too.

    Steam ID is Dafu >p

    Hopefully see some of you soon.

  28. Long Live EGBT. I’m part of the steam group, occasionally talk with some members. Great times on that server with fun people.

  29. I recognize several of these names! What great times they were indeed. The people in this clan was what made it special!

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