my feet smell like popcorn

Have you ever noticed that when you take off your shoes the odor drifting up from your feet smells like store-bought “movie” popcorn? The type with extra butter? Maybe it’s just me.

(Man, I’m tempted to drive back to the grocery store for popcorn…)

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  1. sense I had a peach size tumor taken from my head,I have had feet smelling like this.I wash, purfumed,scrubbed,and you name it I have dne it.They smell will not go away…that is when I wear shoes.Got any ideas/Anyone out there?GOD BLESS US ALL!

  2. My feet smell like very buttery raw short crust pastry, especially when i wear my slippers after comming our of the shower or when i wear my doc martens for an hour. i read somehwere its because you have too much dairy in your diet…but i think we should have a website dedicated to this, we can pictures so people can laugh at us. itll be great!

  3. My feet smell like really buttery popcorn sometimes. It’s so nice to find out I am not the only one. I remember the first time…I took off my shoes and my friend says, “it smells like butter.” I start laughing and realize it was my feet… so I licked them.

  4. Mine smell like popcorn/butter too!! What is wrong with us?!? I can’t figure it out…It’s not all the time, but when I’ve been walking around all day or something! :( Whyy..

  5. Hell yea! This foot oder is a gift, no one will ever suspect smelly feet, they’ll. Think were making some great popcorn!

  6. I don’t know why but my feet smell like popcorn. Old rusty popcorn from a movies.

  7. SOLIDARITY! All the popcorn-smellin’ footed brothers and sisters of the world, stand up! Stand on your popcorn-scented feet and tell the world that we will not be ashamed of that strangely enticing odor coming from our feet!

    And yeah, my feet smell like that too, and I was googling around to find out why.

  8. It is caused by the fatty acids leaking through your pores and the heat from your feet heating it up.

  9. Oh my god! I have never laughed so hard in years!!!

    I too googled this finally after taking my shoes off and here I am too.

    Too funny.

    Pardon my while I collapse on the floor in a fit of madnes..

    Smelling my shoes – and I was just eating pop secret too!

  10. For that extra buttery flavour, I like to wear the same socks for a week with same shoes…..and then when Friday after work comes I get home….take the shoes off….the sweet aroma of the movie theater envelopes the entire house. Pure ecstasy! Somehow my wife doesn’t feel the same.

  11. Mine smell like popcorn too! Buttered popcorn. It’s weird and my family and friends make fun of me. Even my boss when she had to plug something under my desk. She would say, “Well, at least I can stand the smell of popcorn.”

  12. This has made me laugh so hard!! but yes my feet sometimes smell of popcorn too and i am proud of it! :’D

    you guys are all legends!

  13. Another butterfoot here! I’ve had this pair of shoes for about a year I think and it’s my second pair of insoles. Every day they smell like popcorn. I can often smell it in class. I hope it confuses people.

  14. mine smell exactly like smartfood white cheddar popcorn, anyone else or only buttered popcorn

  15. It isn’t just you, I have the same thing occur every now and then. Dunno what the hell causes it. Sometimes my feet just smell bad after wearing and working in my boots and socks all day, but then the next day they might smell EXACTLY like the extra-butter popcorn just as you described. It’s not even just similar, it is identical in smell. If I didn’t know it was my feet I would think there is some freshly popped popcorn somewhere in the room…

  16. Males are lying on here. Don’t no males feet smell like yummy popcorn. Only females can smell like that because they have something in their feet that guys don’t have. I cant remember the word though. I have smelled millions of feet and believe me, girls feet smell just like cheddar cheese popcorn, fretos, Doritos, vinegar and extra cheese Cheetos. Guys feet smell like rotten dead animals, poop or garbage. I don’t think anyone wants to even know what guys feet smell like. This is for girls only so guys please stay out of this. It’s just nasty when it is guys.

  17. I think the “something” you’re referring to is “cooties”, whose long-hypothesized existence was conclusively disproved by Derkins and Hobbes in 1992.

    Further, I would recommend you keep your compulsive foot-smelling out of the public light here- having smelled “millions of feet” is not something one ought to discuss. It is simultaneously unlikely (500 feet a day for the last ten years?) and troubling. I wonder: were mine part of your olfactory excursions, without my knowledge?

  18. Same here lol. Smelled the popcorn funk and Google it. At least I know there are ppl with feet as funky as mine.

  19. was the webcrawler that led me here after I entered, “why do men’s feet sometimes smell like popcorn” had a bro with this smell of feet and recently my boyfriend complained that since he’s been wearing his new coleman sandals his feet smell bad. and there it was – that popcorn smell again. so it seems the biochemist recommends going barefoot and the other remedy is don’t let your feet heat up while your fatty acids are leaking ??

  20. OMG! wow i laughed my ass off when i read theses ….. i googled the same thing and got here and couldnt believe there was so many of us with stinky popcorn feet… this smell is from a form of athletes feet…. try some clotrimazole cream and the smell will go away….

  21. i was googling too & found out I was not alone…I love the smell of popcorn, but if is a foot fungus..seems strange I never heard of it before. Anyone ever had it checked out under a microscope/got a doctor’s recommendation???

  22. Yes, I concur. The mystery and chemical makeup of this particular buttery foot smell must be identified and discovered, a buttery death smell from a certain decomposing bacterium perhaps?

  23. I google too, and suffer popcorn footitis as well, these made me laugh! glad to know I’m not alone! however to the person saying they read it was “too much dairy in the diet” I eat very little dairy as I am allergic to milk, so I would have to say that is wrong. Mine randomly smell like popcorn. flip flops don’t usually make them smell like that, for obvious reasons, but sometimes they actully still do! mainly tennis shoes (only one pair which I hardly wear anymore, and I only started noticing the smell AFTER I washed them in my washing machine.) & my boots if it’s hot outside.

  24. Im gonna tell it like it is, raw and uncut. Now look. Girls feet smell just like cheese, cheesy popcorn, doritos, cheetos, corships and sometimes amonia. The smell is intoxicating. I love that stinky scent. it’s like a drug and gets me so high and horny. All I have to do is smell a young girls feet and I am hard as a brick all night. Best sex ever. But the ones with this most cheesy and stinky feet are little girls. OMG do they reek of cheesy stuff, popcorn, cornchips, doritos, cheestos and amonia.You people with daughters know what I mean. There is nothing like it on the planet. Male feet are just nasty, ugly and smell like fungus and rotting corps. Believe me, I have had many girls stinky feet in my mouth so I am a pro. Hey girls. Do not wash your feet. Non-stinky girl feet is just boring. The stinkier the better=P

  25. Anybody who says that men’s feet cannot, or do not, smell like popcorn has no idea what they’re talking about. I am 50, very male, and my feet often smell like buttered popcorn. My 22 year old son, on the other hand, has feet that smell like…well…nasty feet.

  26. I almost died laughing reading these glad to know not alone I am so embarrassed by it. In my dorm I would take of my shoes and my roommates friend would come in and say whos eating popcorn. I hate it but I’m glad to find there were others when I googled it.

  27. Wow, can’t believe I found this 6 year old thread. I have to admit, I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing, but it’s with my hands (particularly my fingers). They always smell like popcorn, and I have no idea why. It gets a little worse when I eat fresh minced garlic, but I don’t know how much of a correlation that is.

  28. Dang! My feet be smelling like this ALL THE TIME! I am just like sitting in school right, and whenever I am taking a test n shit, the STANK BE COMING ON. Them 2 mofos who have foot fetushes GTFO now. I think everyone who sit next to me in school knows about my STANK but, yeah, they don’t give af.

  29. Well I’ll be! I always thought microwaved Buttered Popcorn smelled like FEET! That’s why I always ate homemade popcorn… and still do. Who wants to eat “stinky feet flavored” popcorn anyways?

  30. Haha wow dude I thought it would be just me with this happening. My feet smell like buttery popcorn but its kinda cool and smells delicious….. I think we’re all very lucky to have such yummy scented feet :)

  31. I am cracking up. These are great responses. I’m glad Google directed me here. My feet don’t smell, unless I’ve been wearing flats without socks, but underneath my toenails smells like straight up super buttered movie theater popcorn. I was praying I’m not alone. Haha and clearly I’m not. At least its a pleasant smell? Lol

  32. Its because you all have athletes foot. Go see a doctor you athletes foot havin mutherfrikers

  33. My feet also too smell like popcorn. I sometimes like to take off my shoes in school and make people think that there is popcorn. Ahh i love me some popcorn. :D

  34. Bahahahaa…Oh my goodness! As I’m reading thru all the comments, one of my coworkers (not knowing why I’m just about to rotflmbo) made popcorn! All these comments smell…(I mean, sounds) like my feet! I have not laughed this hard in forever…with tears & all! Until someone mentioned foot fungus!?! Eww!!! Glad I’m not alone.

  35. My feet smell like popcorn too and I just noticed that and I googled why it happens and what causes it and I’m here

  36. I googled “why do my feet smell like butter” and then I saw this saying buttery popcorn ” that’s it buttery popcorn is what it smells like” I was assuming web MD would come up but nope even better I’m here. With my popcorn feet sented brethren and I still don’t have an answer why but I’m ok with that. I (and my girlfriend) still think its weird that I like smelling my socks after a long day of work

  37. I am also a proud butterfoot. I first took notice of my aromatic gift a couple of years back when I took my basketball shoes off and was greeted with the smell of fresh great value popcorn. My sister on the other hand has been cursed with vinegar feet.

  38. I just took my shoes off and the buttery sweet smell of fresh popcorn came wafting out. Solidarity!

  39. Another dude with buttery popcorn feet checking in…I’m sitting at my desk and get embarrassed when people walk up to my desk. No one has said anything so far LOL. Im just waiting for the day someone asks “where’s the popcorn?”

  40. I always wear sneaks. Sometimes I wear them all day long and when I arrive from work and take my sneakers off .. oh man!! it’s just great to smell my nike shox with my own popcorn scented smell!! So fucking awesome.

    I’m so fucking proud of my feet’s stench :D

  41. I too am glad to see its not just me. The first time I noticed my feet smelled like this was when my wife was pregnant. We both smelled it and just thought, well she’s just pregnant and I have sympathy pregnancy smells!?! But I am glad it’s a thing and not just me!!

  42. Well! Good to know that I am not alone… but really athletes foot? I have no signs of that other than nice smelling feet…

    Kinda like the smell of basmati rice, apparently dogs feet also smell like popcorn sometimes…

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