my feet smell like popcorn

Have you ever noticed that when you take off your shoes the odor drifting up from your feet smells like store-bought “movie” popcorn? The type with extra butter? Maybe it’s just me.

(Man, I’m tempted to drive back to the grocery store for popcorn…)

110 thoughts on “my feet smell like popcorn

  1. POPCORN FEET UNITE! Together we shall create a dating website where people will accept our reek popcorn feet. WHO’S WITH ME?

  2. Well I just found a 9 year old thread and had a great time reading these comments. I too have buttery popcorn feet, and I’m proud of it. I don’t care if it’s fungus, it’s a delicious smell.

  3. Don’t be jealous, but due to my awesome popcorn smelling feet, I have been hired by dozens of movie theaters in the suggestive selling department. They are stuffing my dirty socks in between movie seats to entice moviegoers into purchasing popcorn.

    Also, true story, one of my friends calls me cornhusk because that’s what they smelt like.

  4. I just found my real brothers and sisters!!!! I am not alone!!!! Hello family!!!! My wife gets mad at me when I come home with buttery popcorn, wolf pussy, and Zebra balls smelling feet. I’m like Wtf!!! It’s not my fault!

  5. I found this website as I was searching for answers. So glad I’m not alone in this journey. Everytime I wear either pair of my converse I smell that buttery scent. I tried telling people and nobody understood :( glad i have you guys who do <3

  6. I tried Gold Bond Medicated foot powder. Now they smell like buttered popcorn salted with foot powder. I think it’s my Docs.

  7. Omg! I googled & found my popcorn-feet brothers and sisters! I,too, am glad that I am not alone. But,daaaaamn my feet smell strong af!

  8. I feel like I’m finally home.

    I too omit a buttered popcorn scent from my feet. I Googled to find out why, and ended up here.

    – Butterfoot

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