Now, If Only I Knew How To Play Chess… (a loot report)

My parents know me so well, except, of course, a RISK LEGO set (which doesn’t exist) would’ve been awesome. As for Lego Chess? Well, now I’ve got to learn how to play Chess!

lego chess

I also got a vaccum cleaner, but took care to read consumer reviews about it before unpacking it. Judging by those reviews, I returned the cleaner this morning and used it towards a Dyson (it’s purple, and has lots of tools, and I’m looking forward to vaccuming my apartment later). Yes, I’m eating my words.

The rest of the gifts range from the useful to the ecclectic (an orange has been staple stocking stuffer since I was a kid). Three stones, Japanese obos; sketch pad and sketch pens; gift cards and cash; a book on responsible financial management; toothpaste, soap, and a box of Mr. Clean’s “Magic Eraser.”


(Speaking of RISK, I recently learned that Star Wars Original Trilogy RISK has been released, as has JUNIOR RISK: NARNIA. Unfortunatly, I was unable to find either today at Target).

25 thoughts on “Now, If Only I Knew How To Play Chess… (a loot report)

  1. Very practical and pragmatic gifts. Ah! The stocking orange always a good space filler. I used to get an apple and an orange, which left no space for cool stocking stuffers as a kid.

  2. we also had approx. 3000 peices of lego enter our home on the night of december 24th. tommorrow, five hundred more will be arriving from the direction of grandparents.** note to self… do not tell every single person who asks what the kids want, lego.*

  3. Oh G-d. XH used to play Risk and Axis & Allies.

    He now has monthly geek conventions at his house to play D&D.

    In other news, if your Dyson is great, will you come over and…er.. clean my carpet?

  4. Dysons rock! The best Christmas presents are the ones you get yourself. Except that chess set was pretty neat. Also? If you need a good book to read, read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. That Magic Eraser is super!! I’ve been able to clean stuff I suspected would never come off. The thing works so well that it is only a matter of time before the FDA comes out with a study that shows the Magic Eraser causes cancer.

    I see a problem with the Lego chess board if you get pissed when your opponent starts winning and toss the board across the room you are going to have a real job putting it back together again. Not that I ever have a tantrum when I play games, but for some reason Santa only brings “Nerf” products to my house.

  6. Wow, interesting spread you got there! Good luck with all that cleaning. Magic erasers are like magic ’cause of what they can erase.

    Happy New Year!!

  7. I was going to get my son a vacume too, when I told him I thought he was going to cry.

    The big baby.

    He was like, I remember when I used to get cool sh*t for Christmas, now I get crappy ol’ stuff I NEED. It sucks to be a grown up.

    Yeah son, welcome to the real grown up world; welcome to hell.

    Heh heh.

  8. Original Star Wars Trilogy RISK!?! Yes! I was always the yellow army as a kid. Not very intimdating. Always ended up surrounded in Madagascar with a few I’s and no luck with the dice. That’s like being in Endor with a few Ewoks for Star Wars, right?

    Orange in the stocking is a tradition in my family because a great-grandma lost two sisters to some sort of childhood illness. My great-great grandfather had travelled a long distance with a wagon full of citrus and my great-grandma was so enticed by the fruit, she snuck one, and blamed herself the rest of her life for her sisters dying.
    Odd way to introduce myself, I admit. It struck me to see other people with the same tradition, and made me wonder if it all started from the same era.
    Hello, btw! Happy Holidays.

  9. We always got an orange in our stocking too! Along with a new toothbrush.

    How are those pens? I am a pen fiend (you should see my desk drawer…the admin assistant in my department laughs because I buy tons and tons of pens and spurn hers)

  10. We’ll have to both learn chess, and then I can beat you.

    Also, Magic Erasers really are Magic. They are amazing. And really great for cleaning sticky smudgy stuff off of light switch plates and oven dials.

  11. Mr. Clean’s magic eraser. I love them. They work fantastically well. Clean on, Snay. Clean on.

    The Dysons are supposed to be great. You’ll have to review it.

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