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Y’know, it wasn’t that I was never going to post photos from the Blogger Happy Hour, it’s just that between working all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I haven’t exactly had a lot of free time like some of you nine-to-fivers. Here are photos from the Baltimore Blogger Happy Hour — here are my criteria for posting photos (since I haven’t asked anyone’s permission):

1. Photos of the bloggers have been posted before on their own blogs. Check, Baltimore Diary, Charissa, Danielle, Charissa, Angie, Charissa.

2. Photos of the bloggers have been posted before on this blog with the individual blogger’s permission. I’m not going to name names, but if I was, I’m sure someone (*cough*Charissa!*cough*Charissa!*cough*) would be named repeatedly *cough*Charissa!*cough*

3. If the following individuals would please e-mail me with permission to post their blogger photos: Double-Dogged, Holy Buck Fatman. No, sorry, you don’t get to see them beforehand.

Charissa, Sober:

Baltimore Diary and Danielle:

Charissa & Angie:

Anyone recognize who this is?

ACW handing Zenchick a condom so she could do something with it (have sex with someone, I presume):

Anger Hangover, having the brilliant idea to have another beer:

(Okay, okay, that’s not really Anger Hangover, but it was one of the first hits when I did a Google image search for “Anger Hangover”).

19 thoughts on “Blogger Photos

  1. I love the photo of Charissa! It really shows her true self! HA! The “Hand” photo is pretty funny too. :) Anger Hangover google search photo…what can I say. I was doubled over. :D

  2. Charissa is totally hot, and I’m confident that if she had enough beers, the feeling “could” approach mutual status.

    Also, as a Bay City Rollers fan, I am quite intrigued by the pair of plaid pants (though I suppose it could be a skirt, which would prove to be a delicious reintroduction to Catholicism) in the background of Charissa’s first picture.

    Does Charissa own a plaid skirt? No need to answer this question, as I’m already imagining that she does.

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  4. it’s very possible that jjt and acw have experienced each others’ hot palms…

    and btw, angerhangover photographs much more pink than i remember her to be in real life…

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