“Don’t Let Faux Klingons Send Real Americans To War!”

I got nothin’ (I say after being confused if I should roll on the floor laughing or bash my head on the wall).

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9 thoughts on ““Don’t Let Faux Klingons Send Real Americans To War!”

  1. Being a fan of the original Star Trek, they shall forever be known as Foe Klingons on THIS starship.

    I sure hope the Congressman’s credibility was not adversely affected by his deft weaving of Star Trek references* into his speech (* this had to be the result of a bar bet from the night before).

  2. You could save yourself some time and bash your head on the *floor* while you’re down there howling with laughter … it worked for me!

  3. Dude. I just lost some of my elusive respect for our elected officials. It’s your fault. *points finger* It’s not like I have a lot to spare.

  4. You know… a good speaker has to keep in mind the intelligence level of his target audience. And the gentleman was addressing his fellow Members of Congress….

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

    Do come again.

  5. Thats the first thing that was based in reality said in congress in almost 8 years!

    Good thing the Dems are coming out in force for the ’08 election! ::rolls eyes::

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