Censoring The Blogosphere

I suppose I’m in favor of a “Blogger Code on Conduct“, but this paragraph really pissed me off:

She also thinks it could be time to re-examine whether the blogosphere needs to be completely uncensored.

“There is an unwritten rule in the blogosphere that it is wrong to delete nasty comments. It suggests that you can’t take criticism but now there is a sense that this is nonsense,” she said.

I really hate this notion. The blogosphere should be uncensored. I mean, yeah, delete spam comments, but where do you draw the line between nasty comments and comments that are critical? I’ve took the time, quite a while ago, to draw up a Blog Policy, with a specific comment policy,

“Please feel free to exercise your freedom of choice and not read this blog if you are incapable of doing so and acting in a mature manner.

Only spam comments will be deleted, but I reserve the right to IP ban trolls (I make determinations as to what qualifies as spam comments, and who qualifies as a troll).

In the rare occasion I choose not to recieve feedback on a post, the comment feature will be turned off either at the time of posting, or before the first comment has been left. I will not turn off the comment feature on a post because of negative or unpleasant feedback.”

I’ve never deleted comments for being critical, or banned anyone for making critical comments. That’s because I can fucking handle the criticism that comes with writing a public blog. Death threats, of course, would be a different matter, and that’s what the police are here for.

8 thoughts on “Censoring The Blogosphere

  1. Dumb bitch sat in the “centre[sic]of a row”. What’d she expect? She was getting it from both sides. She should have sat on one of the ends. Or, better yet, up close near the teacher.

  2. After reading a couple of posts on her blog, espcially the “Code like a girl” post, I have to say, she is a really, really, really annoying writer.

    To be honest, I don’t really see any death threats, per se. There’s no intent. She just wants attention. Silly grrl.

  3. I agree 110%.
    I know this chick – she writes her posts and almost begs for opinions but if your opinion is even slightly different then what she wants to hear – she’ll delete it and then make a post about how people have no right to attack her on her blog. She actually said that one woman’s comment was like feces on her bedroom floor and she had to “clean it up” by deleting it.

    Almost two years ago I sat with her and said “You say you have your blog for *therapy* and you say you need/want different perspectives and opinions but anytime anyone says anything remotely contrary to your current view – you delete their words and attack them… why have a public forum if you’re not strong enough to accept that people have different ideas?”

    She says “if they don’t agree then they shouldn’t comment, they should just leave..” so I asked “isn’t that defeating the whole purpose of asking for opinions and different perspectives?”

    So she said I was a lunatic and she stalked off in a huff. Of course she wasted no time interjecting her opinions on MY blogs…

  4. I looked at her most recent post – people were posting some pretty nasty stuff about her, which seems beyond mean-spirited. Although I can’t imagine why she’d reprint it on her own blog. I would not delete a comment just because someone disagreed with me. And people do disagree with me at times, but always in a civil way. More in the spirit of a conversation. But I do reserve the right to delete things that are attacks. I haven’t had to, but I would. That is not the level of discourse I want on my blog. I think it really has to be at the discretion of the blogger what their rules are. And I would never, ever leave a mean comment on someone’s else’s blog. If I didn’t like a post so strongly that I couldn’t be civil, I’d not comment at all. If I felt that way about the entire blog,I’d not go back. Simple enough.

  5. There is one poster who I will periodically delete just because he really annoys me. I know him personally, so it’s not like I’m attacking an anonymous poster, and he does it JUST to start something that continues offline. Drives me crazy. If I could figure out how to block him entirely, I would, but I haven’t mastered that yet.

  6. I’ve heard about that girl with death threats – really who could be bothered? I’ve had one ‘troll’ posting anonymous, i’m not going to feed the nitpicking. Blog for oneself thats it.

  7. I am all for censorship… as long as it is a private interest. Public censorship, especially that by an elected government, makes me wobbly inside, but censorship on privately owned web space is fine with me.

    In reference to Jean’s conversation with this person, I would say that we are focusing on a snapshot here. What she says about people can leave is true, but it may seem silly to those of us who have even a small amount of ability to empathize with others in a socially healthy manner. I do not mean to dismiss that person out of hand, but people will figure her out soon enough.

    Of course, this is all coming from the guy with more blogs than blog posts…

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