This July, Forget the 4th: The Date To Remember Will Be July 24th

DVDActive has early news on the forthcoming region 1 DVD release of Hot Fuzz:

Universal Home Video has sent over early details on Hot Fuzz which stars Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. This new Edgar Wright directed film will be available to own from the 24th July, and should retail at around $29.98. The film itself will be presented in anamorphic widescreen, along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track. Extras will include audio commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, an exclusive Fuzzball Rally feature, a Man Who Would Be Fuzz feature, a Hot Funk feature, and more. A HD-DVD/DVD Combo release will be available seperately for $39.98. Stay tuned for the full details just as soon as the disc is officially announced.

I’m totally hosting a Hot Fuzz viewing party! Might have to make it a double feature — start off with Shaun of the Dead and do it all proper …

Ode To Microwave

When I first moved out on my own (with the dreaded awful horrible roomate), my parents gave me their old microwave. Granted, it had spent five years or so unused on a shelf in the basement, and big and brown and ugly, but it was still one less expense I was going to have to come up with.

So, I moved out eight years ago, and the microwave continues to work wonderfully (although now that I’ve written this post, I wonder how long until she bites the bullet). I set it on fire once, and it still bears the scorch marks along its inside walls. I was reheating a plate of food, oh, six or seven years ago, and had set the plate atop of a paper towel. Yeah, well, after three minutes, that paper towel was rapidly being consumed by flames.

If memory serves, I ripped the door open and threw my glass of milk (well, contents of the glass) onto the burning paper towel.

I’m pretty sure I wound up ordering out that night. And, every now and then, I can still smell the mangled odor of burned, crispy milk.

Three Reasons Why They Build Movie Theaters


Okay, okay, ironically enough, this poster was for the 1997 release of the “digitally enhanced” and craptacular “Star Wars Trilogy.” Today, of course, May 25th, 2007, is the 30th Anniversary of the theatrical release of the original Star Wars, back when its title was, quite simply, “Star Wars” (no bloody “Episode IV: A New Hope” bullwarky!).

I think I might celebrate by watching my DVD of the classic, un-Special Edition “Han shoots first” version of the film.