37 thoughts on “Mean Kitty

  1. Hahahahahaha — fantastic post! Totally made my day! I can’t believe that ginormous kitty (used loosely) is only supposedly a baby! Sweet jeezus… Wouldn’t wanna know how it becomes when it actually becomes an adult. No swimming in the zoo for you in the meantime!

  2. ouch!
    how’d you like to come face to face with that while diving the length of the pool? good thing kittie lives in san francisco.

  3. I’m with you on that! I don’t think I’d like facing that face no matter where it was!

  4. Wow, that is scary shit! I love white tigers, so at least I would die in the jaws of an animal that is beautiful!

  5. After the whole Seigfried and Roy incident, I try to avoid white tigers…ha

  6. My cat, Brutus, makes that same face. LOL

    He doesn’t like water though. Fell in the bathtub once. He is much more careful about the tub now.

  7. That is one mean looking little kitty cat. But then again, he is a BENGAL tiger – ALL BENGALS should be feared.

  8. Mein gott.

    Or whatever they say in Germany as an exclamation that means something like “Sweet Holy Moses on a Bike, Save Me From Dat Tigger”…

  9. I like the fact that you worry about such things. You just better learn to hold your breath longer than the tiger can!!

  10. wow! I wonder what got him/her is such a pissy mood. I guess swimming was not part of the plans that day!

    How fast can you swim?

  11. Ummm, J, you might be the only person I know who can say they once had a plan for what they’d do if they fell into a tiger pit at the zoo. That’s the most bizarre part…

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